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Neighbors Growing Together | Oct 22, 2016


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DOT Req. $15-20/hr S.M. Hentges & Sons Inc.) 952-492-5705 EOE mailbox@smhentges.com 612-919-2777
and free scrap metal as well as $1.00 garage sale items. 641-472-4684
Authorized floor care provider since 1924. Larry Hampton, locally since 1970. 641-472-5673, Fairfield.
John Deere 4 row wide corn head. Call 641-919-9751, Batavia.
Quality work! Dependable! Reasonable rates! Contact Dan Loftus, 641-693-9326 or 515-238-1671, Fairfield.
For sale $125 per full size pick up load delivered. 641-209-2305

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