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Save some ‘green’ with frozen, canned veggies

Oct 30, 2013

HOUSTON, Texas — Don’t overlook frozen or canned fruits and vegetables as healthy and less expensive alternatives to the fresh versions, said an expert at Baylor College of Medicine.

“You might be surprised to know that frozen or canned options are just as nutritious as or sometimes even more nutritious than fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Molly Gee, a registered dietitian at BCM.

Companies that make frozen or canned fruits and vegetables must pack the items at their peak, said Gee. While some vitamins and minerals are lost in the fresh foods due to the time it takes to get them from the field to the plate, these vitamins and minerals are present in the canned or frozen versions.

However, she warns that it’s still important to read the labels on canned or frozen items to be sure that they are preserved in their own natural juices and that no sugar is added.

Frozen meals can also be a good option for saving some money and maintaining a healthy weight, said Gee, but make sure only 30 percent of the calories are from fat and consider low-sodium options.

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