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Winter Pet Care Supplies at Ace-N-More!

By Ace-N-More | Feb 03, 2014
Winter Pet Care is Extremely Important!


Heated Water Dishes

and Buckets Available. 

Keep plenty of fresh water

available for all those critters. 

Add a tarp for a windbreak

and/or a heat lamp for warmth.



Did you know that pets require a better quality food in extreme weather?  Just like us, their bodies require more good calories to create heat energy. Ace-N-More carries a great variety of quality pet foods for all ages to meet their nutritional needs.

Also, the old myth that they can eat snow is not a valid statement.  Depending on the size, age and overall health of the animal they could eat their body weight in snow and cause more harm than good.  It will add to the drop in body temperature but do little to hydrate them. A heated water bowl or bucket can literally be a lifesaver for your outdoor pets.

Let Ace-N-More help you with your winter pet care needs.





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