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100 laps are better together

By Linda Wenger | Mar 13, 2013
Photo by: Anita Moore Anita Moore (left) and Ashlee Shalla walked 100 laps — about 20 miles — during last year's Relay for Life.

After walking 98 laps at the 2011 Relay for Life in Washington, Ashlee Shalla was determined to walk 100 miles during the 2012.

Anita Moore heard Ashlee talk about her 100-lap goal while both were at Curves last year.

“So I said, I’ll do them with you,” Anita said.

Anita forgot about one thing, though. She was running the Relay 5K the day before. But that didn’t stop her from helping Ashlee complete her goal.

Why does Ashlee relay?

“Because my grandpa died of cancer; my schoolteacher in high school died of cancer, so I wanted to do it,” Ashlee said.

Plus, Anita added, it provided a good incentive for Ashlee to quit smoking. Anita has taken on Ashlee’s battle with cigarettes as well as supporting her 100-lap goal. Anita has sent Ashlee pictures of lungs that are not “a pretty sight,” and letters and cards to encourage her.

“And she’s working very hard at that,” Anita said.

Looking at the scrapbook Anita made for Ashlee after the 2012 Relay, brought back memories of completing the 100 laps, which is about 20 miles.

The women began walking after the opening ceremonies and first few laps — about 1 p.m. They stopped at 4:30 p.m. to eat some supper and completed the 100th lap about 9 p.m.

“It was a real battle,” Anita said.

“They had to hold me up,” Ashlee agreed.

“The last few laps we were working to get her finished, but we kept going,” Anita continued.

Ashlee wore a new pair of shoes last year and by the end of the 100 laps, she had some ugly blisters on her feet. She needs a new pair of shoes for the 2013 Relay on June 15, but she will break them in before that day. She and Anita are also planning to go for walks once the weather improves to prepare for the big day.

“We figure, as much as our legs hurt, it’s probably a lot easier to do that then people going through cancer treatments,” Anita said.

Ashlee and Anita paid $3 for a ribbon that they used to hold the beads they collected for every lap.

“That’s how we kept track of our laps,” said Anita.

When well-wishers asked them how many laps they had done, the women counted their beads to find the answer.

Ashlee wants to do 103 laps this year, but Anita is adamant that 100 laps is their goal. She said they just decided 100 laps would be their thing.

“I don’t know if anybody else did 100 laps,” Anita said. “But it’s really not about how many laps you do. It’s just about supporting the cause and being there. “If you walk 10 laps, you walk 10 laps. Being there and really supporting everybody that’s there and everybody that’s worked so hard to put it on.”

Anita is designing T-shirts for them to wear and Ashlee is trying to decide what pattern she wants for her beads this year.

Last year, some people joined the pair for their last lap and they received accolades of an appreciative Relay crowd.

“I had fun. I had fun,” Ashlee said. “Me and Anita had fun!”

“It was a real battle to get it done,” Anita said, “but we did it — we did it!”

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