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11 Water Sharks to swim in Regionals this weekend

By Bill Gatchel | Mar 24, 2017
Photo by: Bill Gatchel Greta Sieren, Brennen Westphal, Noah Kleese, Reece Mayer, Colton Slaubaugh, Quinn Wubbena, Ben Berhow, Noah Bruns (not pictured), Michael Kimball, Nic Rath and Audrey Wubbena are joined by their swim coaches Brenda Adrian and Lyndsay Adrian. Qualified but not swimming are: Kayla Andrew, Alijah Beatty, Cierra Miller, Jacob Miller and Allison Vogel. The group of 11 swimmers swim in the Y Regionals in the Iowa City Wellness Center this weekend.

It’s a chance not everyone earned, but for 11 members of the Water Sharks swim team, that chance is to take to the swim lanes for one last time this season.

Coach Brenda Adrian says, “This is the final meet of 2017. It’s like a huge ‘hurray, we’re done.’ No matter what the outcome is, they are all winners.

“Their goal is to continue to drop time to make their own personal best time so they know where they need to start next season.

“That way in their future seasons, they continue to drop time and improve personally.”

There are other expectations for the meet.

“As we were looking over the seed times, there are some that are seeded in the top five and some are in the median range, which is really awesome,” Adrian says.

“The 15-21 boys medley and 200 freestyle relays are both seeded at No. 1.

“The goal is for them to try their very best, but maybe break the record for the Y Regional time. They will each have to drop from four to five seconds within the relay to beat that time.

“It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is a lot,” says assistant coach Lyndsay Adrian.

“It will be hard to do, but I think they can do it.”

“I think they can, too,” says Brenda Adrian. “They are very determined, self-motivated, inspired and they all have the drive.”

One thing different about this year’s regional meet is the location. Instead of traveling to Minnesota as in years past, they are swimming in the Iowa City Wellness Center. Why the change?

“We chose to go with the regional meet that’s closer to home. The advantage for swimmers is they get to sleep in their own beds instead of at a hotel for the weekend.

“They will get to eat their own home-cooked food as opposed to going out to eat for all three meals.

“Travel is hard on the swimmers. The more rest, the better they eat, the better they swim, the better attitude in which they come in. Overall it’s a win-win for us.”

Swimming in Iowa City will have another advantage when it comes to the competition.

“The competition is not near what it is when we go to the MYAS in Minnesota because there’s more states and it’s not limited to just YMCA.

“There’s unattached swimmers, there’s USA swimmers swim club and year-round making the competition a little bit stiffer when we go there.

“Since we are swimming closer, it gives the swimmers a little bit of a break. Let’s let them go out with a sense of pride and glory and hopefully they can break records and that will be a bigger accomplishment for the team as a whole.”

Not only is this one last “hurrah” for the swimmers, it’s the same thing for Brenda as coach, since she is going to semi-retire after this meet.

“It absolutely is one last hurrah. I’m going out with glory,” she says. “I came home with state champions in the relays.

“I was excited about that. Under my tenure, we had regional swimmers that placed in the top five so I’m really excited about that for both the swimmer and the team.

“It melts my heart to see a swimmer accomplish that. For them, it’s a personal thing. Every year they know they want to do better.

“With a positive attitude, they continue to beat the person next to them. They always have that very competitive ‘I’m ready to go, let’s keep moving’ nature.

“I will go out with a final ‘yea.’ I’m not totally giving it up. I will help lead the way and trend that path for the future coach, whoever it is, to get them on the way so the program continues to grow.

“That’s very important to me and to our team and their families.”

The Y regional swimming event is free to the public to attend. Swimming begins at 8 a.m. for those aged 10 and younger and at 12 p.m. for those 11 and older.

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