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Savor Washington draws a crowd

By Andy Hallman | Jan 24, 2010
The Coffee Corner was one of six businesses that were packed with people Saturday night during Main Street Washington’s “Slow down and savor Washington.” Elisabeth Tinnes and Kirk Hittner, back left, enlivened the evening by singing and playing their guitars for the patrons of The Coffee Corner. Visible in the foreground are Karen Gordon, left, and Dave Kempf, center.

    A steady rain Saturday night did not stop Washington’s residents from getting out and enjoying “Slow Down and Savor Washington.” People ducked in and out of six downtown restaurants that offered $3 specials that were unique to each restaurant. The six participating restaurants were Panda Palace, Dino’s Pizza and Steakhouse, Frontier Family Restaurant, La Casa Grande, Dodici’s Shop and The Coffee Corner. 

    Washington residents Jim and Karen Gorham visited a few of the restaurants and said they had a wonderful time. Jim said that his stomach didn’t allow him to visit all six restaurants.

    “We’ve been to three restaurants, and after you eat chili and then dessert, you get full,” said Gorham. “You can only eat so much.”

    Karen said that she and Jim ate so much at their first stop, they felt too full to eat at all the restaurants. She said she ordered hot chocolate at one of the restaurants because it “sounded good on a cold and rainy night.”

    You might think the rain would cause many would-be patrons to stay indoors, but Karen remarked that Saturday’s weather was not too bad.

    “I think that the rain is preferable to sleeting and ice,” said Karen. “People can brave the rain, but they won’t brave the ice. It feels so good to be able to leave the house and not worry about the ice.”

    Jim concurred, noting, “I don’t think the rain has hurt the turnout.”

    Customers at The Coffee Corner were treated to music by Elisabeth Tinnes and Kirk Hittner, both of whom sang and played guitar. Tinnes said she and Hittner sang songs by Lady Antebellum, Robert Plant and Dar Williams, just to name a few.

    Hittner said he does live performances several times per week and that he seldom has to go out of town to perform.

    “There is so much going on in this county, you wouldn’t believe it. The musical talent is untold. Music is more than a hobby for me. A hobby is for people who dabble. Music is what makes me tick. It’s my soul food,” he said.

    Tinnes said that she was shocked at the size of the crowd that greeted her at the Coffee Corner.

“There are so many people here I need a microphone for people to hear me,” said Tinnes.  

Tinnes and Hittner were not the only live musical acts performing Saturday. Gary McCurdy and Randy Swift played at Dodici’s Shop, with McCurdy on the tuba and Swift on the guitar.

For the full article, see our Jan. 25 print edition.

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