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Where, oh where, has the little dog gone?

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL | Jul 13, 2010
Rascal; AKA Scooter and Percy Precious

    No one in the area of the 1500-1600 block of Third Avenue knew where the little dog had come from or why it wouldn’t let people approach him, but they knew that he had adopted them as his family. Now they want him to come home.

    After showing up in the area at the beginning of May and catching the hearts of all around, the little dog has not been seen since July 4. Vivian Griffith was one of the first people on the block to be adopted by the dog. She remembers how the stray dog came walking up as she was having the United Presbyterian Fellowship gathering on May 2.

    “Some of us think maybe God sent him,” Griffith said. “He was just such a friendly little dog and he seemed to bring such joy. He brought joy to the whole neighborhood. We had people praying for that little dog — that he would be OK and that maybe he would let one of us keep him.”

    She said the people in the neighborhood are concerned about their adopted pet and want to know what happened to him. Even if the dog found its way home, Griffith said, the people would like to know and hopefully see him again.

    Griffith named the dog Rascal, saying that with all the running and playing he did with the people in the neighborhood, he was just a “little rascal.” Others on the block called him other things, including Scooter and Percy Precious. Rascal became a mainstay in the area during the two months he was around. Griffith said she fed him twice a day. Others allowed him to sleep in the area and play with neighborhood dogs.

    Rascal is part Pomeranian and part Chihuahua, Griffith said. She said he had a flea collar and no ID tags. She also said that while Rascal liked to play, he was shy. He didn’t let people pet or touch him and seemed scared to be inside houses, she said.

    At press time word came in that Rascal had been found. More information will be included in the July 15 edition.

For the full story, see our July 14 print edition.

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