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Veterans Day honors those who served

By David Hotle | Nov 10, 2010
Veteran Dean Slater from Crawfordsville attended the opening event for Veterans Day at the All-Veterans Memorial at Orchard Hill. Slater served in the Navy during the Korean War.

The dropping temperature on Orchard Hill this morning didn’t stop Dan and Edith Wellington from making the trek to the All-Veterans Memorial to honor the people they knew who had served in the military.

As they stopped in front of one of the marble stones covered with the names of service people, they went down the list of names. Many were familiar. Many were relatives. Dan Wellington said almost half of the block was family.

“Dad and many of my uncles were in the service,” he said. ‘Two of my sons were in. I’m here for the memorial service to show respect.”

About 100 other people from the area joined them as American Legion Post No. 29 held the first event to honor Veterans Day. The holiday, which was originally Armistice Day to honor the end of hostilities after World War I, became Veterans Day in 1954 and honors all people who served.

During the ceremony, former Marine Cpl. Ron Northup told the story of a serviceman who was killed in action being brought home on an airliner. He told the same story later during a ceremony at Blair House to honor veterans. During the presentation at Blair House Northup, who was visibly moved while telling the story, added a prayer at the end.

“Lord,” he said. “Hold the troops in your loving hands and protect them as they protect us.”

Sitting toward the back of the audience was a group of special education students from Washington High School. The group of about 12 students listened intently to the speakers.

“We’ve been studying World War II and talking about Veterans Day,” Associate Chris Pierson said. “We wanted them to experience what Veterans Day is all about. We thought it would mean more to them if we brought them to a ceremony.”

For the full story, see the Nov. 11 edition of The Washington Evening Journal

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