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Demon head logo to be exorcised

Contest will determine new Washington School District logo
By David Hotle | Oct 19, 2012
Demon Head Logo

De Paul University settled the dispute over whether the Washington Demons logo is appropriate for use in the district when it sent Washington Schools Superintendent Mike Jorgensen an e-mail today asking Washington to cease and desist using the logo.
Jorgensen said that the district’s use of the logo violates the copyrights of the university. He said that he had been in contact with the university and had apologized for the unauthorized use of the logo. He said in a press release this morning that he is working with the university to develop a plan for phasing out existing use of the logo.
“This effectively ends any debate or discussion as far as the future of this logo, as the Washington Community School District has no legal rights or permission to use it,” Jorgensen said. “Some will say that we should never have inquired about the logo, but I will say upfront that this administration will not knowingly do anything that lacks inte-grity, honesty and does not mod-el beha-viors that we want to instill in our students. Anyone who advocates to knowingly violate someone else’s legal rights does not represent the values of the Washington School District.”
He stressed that it is only the logo that is being replaced and that the Washington School District sports teams will still be called Demons.
Jorgensen said that he contacted De Paul earlier today to determine if the logo could be used. The logo is modeled on a logo that, while formerly used by the De Paul Blue Demons, can still be purchased on De Paul athletic items.
During the Oct. 10 school board meeting, two school board members questioned the appropriateness of the logo. Heidi Vittetoe and Patty Roe both said that they felt the logo didn’t convey a positive image of the district. During discussion Vittetoe referred to the logo as “satanic.”
The logo is in use on uniforms of most athletic and extracurricular teams in the district.
After the discussion, Jorgensen said that the district had received feedback both for and against the logo. He said the board was given all information the district had received.
Jorgensen said that he is proposing a contest to create an original logo and hopes the student body will determine the new logo and take ownership.
“This is the second time we have infringed on a trademark logo,” Jorgensen said. “It is time to create something original.”
A past logo called the Flying W had to be phased out about six years ago after the University of Wisconsin claimed copyright infringement.
He said that a contest would be open to the student body and community to create a new logo to be used. The timeliness of the contest will be announced soon. The school board will screen the logos for appropriateness. The logos that pass the screening will be presented to the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) and narrowed down to the final 10. The student body will then hold elections to determine the next logo. Jorgensen said the winning logo would receive $100 of his own donation.

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