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A cracked welcome downtown

Sign damaged during winter accident involving a city truck
By Xiomara Levsen | Mar 05, 2013
Officials reported today that the Historic Downtown sign located on East Washington Street was cracked during an accident involving a city vehicle that was removing snow.

The Historic Downtown Washington sign has been damaged. There is a crack in the concrete part of the sign.
The damage to the sign wasn’t due to the weather, but due to human error.  
“It happened during snow removal and unfortunately a dump truck backed into it.,” said City Administrator Brent Hinson.
Hinson said the city is working with the insurance company for the claim.
“We’re trying to figure it all out,” he said. “Now it’s a matter of getting things organized.”
Hinson isn’t sure how the city will go about fixing it yet.
“Before the city had a mason come in and construct the pillars,” he said. “And then the city came in and put the concrete sign on those pillars. We will have to take off the cap from one of those pillars to get to the sign.”
Hinson isn’t sure when it will be repaired.
“This is a pain for all of us,” he said. “The sign isn’t very old. I think it was put there back in 2009.”
JJ Bell, City of Washington Maintenance and Construction superintendent, heard about the accident right away.
“It happened about 4 a.m. on Feb 22,” he said. “It just tapped into it.”
The end result are the two cracks in the sign.
“The one on the south side goes all the way through,” Bell said. “The one of the north is being determined.”
Bell said further action may need to be taken.
“We’ll probably somehow reinforce the sign now,” he said. “Just so it doesn’t fall over.”
The city is currently looking into how to prevent further damage.
“We might put some blocks right there,” Bell said. “They would be on the west side of the sign so no one else can hit it.”
Both Hinson and Bell said the repairs to the sign will be a long process.

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