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A hidden agenda?

By Xiomara Levsen | Apr 16, 2013
Larry Simon spoke to the Riverside City Council previously in March as the new Riverside Visioning Committee president. Last evening some of the city council members objected after a motion to appoint Simon to the Board of Adjustments was denied.

RIVERSIDE — Riverside’s City Council meeting became heated when it came to the subject of appointing Larry Simon to the city’s Board of Adjustments Monday evening.
On March 29, Simon was arrested and charged with operating while under the influence and possession of a firearm while under the influence, as reported in The Journal. According to the Washington Communications call log, someone reported that Simon had allegedly hit city hall and fled the scene in his vehicle.
Before his arrest Simon was voted president of Riverside’s Visioning Committee. He recently put in his application to be part of the Board of Adjustment.
“Normally we take these appointments and do them all at the same time,” Councilor Bob Schneider Jr. said. “Tonight, to me, it seemed like it was obvious there was a hidden agenda here. We will see when the vote comes out.”
Councilor Nate Kasdorf asked what the hidden agenda was. Schneider again said normally the council does the appointments all at the same time.
Before getting to Simon’s appointment the council voted to approve Diane Poch to the Board of Adjustments and Marci Musser to the Planning and Zoning committee.
“These are two different boards,” councilor Kevin Kiene said.
Schneider said to let it go and it would come out once the vote happens.
Mayor Bill Poch asked for a vote. Simon’s appointment didn’t get approved. Kasdorf, Kiene, and councilor Chris Kirkwood voted no.
Despite the vote Schneider wasn’t done speaking about his disappointment on how the process went. At the end of the meeting, during council comments, he brought it up again.
“I guess I’m kind of disappointed tonight,” he said. “We asked for volunteers and we get people to volunteer for committees and then we don’t appoint them. To me it looked like it was choreographed beforehand.”
Schneider also said he wasn’t happy with how fast things went when the subject of Simon’s appointment came up.
“Hopefully, that wasn’t what it was,” he said. “There was no discussion, no reason why you were voting no, so to me it was very obvious that it was preplanned beforehand.”
“Be careful what you accuse people of,” councilor Kevin Kiene said.
Other items covered at the city council meeting included:
the approval of hiring a part-time worker at city hall. See tomorrow’s edition of The Journal for more on that topic;
the approval of residential grants for Jarrod Longbine for $5,000, Barry Johnson for $3,753, Susan Meyer for $4,978, and Bobby Adamson for $3,337;
the discussion of Camp Highland (a summer program for children at Riverside Elementary School) funding by the city council. Megan Allen, director of Camp Highland, asked the council to consider giving $3,000. The item will be put on the city council’s next meeting agenda as an action item;
the discussion of the new summer recreation program, which will be collaboration between the Washington Community Y and the city. Several programs will be offered to adults and children in Riverside. Some of those programs include a basketball camp for boys and girls at the elementary school, and slip ‘n’ slide kickball, which will be free to Riverside residents said Marcus Hall program director for the Riverside Y recreation program. There will be a trail run on May 18;
and the discussion of the work session meeting which will be held with Pat Callahan on Monday, April 29, at 7 p.m. at city hall. Callahan is returning to assist the council. He will be going over the results of a survey he sent out for council members on how the council thought things were going.
The next city council meeting will be held on May 6 at 6:30 p.m.

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