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A Pat Answer

By Patricia Steiner, Nutrition & Health Specialist, Iowa State University Extension Service | Feb 13, 2013

Even women who exercise sit too much.

It’s disappointing news that regular exercise doesn’t reduce chronic health risk if the rest of our lifestyle is sedentary. A recent study finds that women who exercise regularly actually spend as much time sitting down as those who don't get much exercise, and therefore might have a greater risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity than they expected.

Though exercise is beneficial, it’s still important to think about how you spend your entire day and what you're doing in your non-exercise time, according to the researchers. We don’t want to downplay the value of exercise, just encourage you to consider doing more all day long. Now that we use e-mail more instead of getting up to talk with a coworker, and shop more online rather than walking at a mall, we’ve eliminated some of our activity time throughout the day.

Look for ways throughout your day to get more exercise. Try setting a timer once an hour to get up and walk or stretch. Stand and walk in place when you’re on the phone. Stand while folding laundry.

Recipes, recipes, recipes – can you have too many?

Wondering how to corral those recipes into a usable storage space? One way is to sort recipes by whether you’ve used them. For ‘tried-and-true’ recipes that you’re likely to use again, a recipe box with dividers might work best or a photo album that will let you slide the recipe into a plastic sleeve. The ‘recipes-I-plan-to-try’ category could be grouped by type of dish (main dish, salad, dessert) or by main ingredient (beef, lamb, cheese), and each group placed in a labeled plastic page protector, or plastic zipper bag, or box, depending on the volume you have.

When you save a recipe, label the recipe with the category where you will file it. Highlight the ingredient or feature that caught your attention as a quick reminder.

Too many recipes? Make time to sort through and toss those you’ll likely never try. The 80-20 rule of time management says that 80 percent of the time you prepare foods from only 20 percent of your recipes! So, keep the 20 percent handy and decide which of the 80 percent you want to store.

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