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All-American drops appeals

Rhoads decides not to sell and remain open
By Xiomara Levsen | Feb 24, 2014
All-American care will reorganize and owner Jerry Rhoads hopes the home will remain open. He has dropped all appeals of state fines.

All American Restorative Care went to an appeal hearing before the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals (IDIA) on Jan 15.
According to David Werning, Public Information Officer for the IDIA, no final action has been taken on Rhoad’s appeal.
Owner and administrator of All American Restorative Care Jerry L. Rhoads said he thought he didn’t win the appeal. After the Jan. 15 hearing he considered taking the appeal to the next step in court but decided not to.
“We’ve dropped all appeals,” Rhoads said, “so maybe we can just move on. We will pay our fines over time; that’s what Chapter 11 bankruptcy is about. It gives you time to reorganize and get a plan together.”
In December, Rhoads filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. He told The Journal he was looking for a buyer of both the facilities he owned in Washington and Muscatine. However, he has had a change of heart since then.
“We’ve decided not to sell and hope to remain open,” Rhoads said. “Under the chapter 11 bankruptcy we’re still reorganizing, but we’re much better off than back then.”
Rhoads requested the appeal hearing on Jan. 15 after a $30,000 fine the facility in Washington received on Nov. 4, 2013, from an investigation into a resident’s death on June 2, 2013. The IDIA found during their investigation cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) wasn’t performed and should have been, according to IDIA documents.
This wasn’t the facility’s first fine. Another fine of $5,000 was received March 2013 for a resident who fell in January 2013, according to IDIA documents. After the IDIA investigated the resident’s fall, they found the resident tried to get out of bed without assistance and was found by a staff member on the floor. The resident was taken to the hospital after complaining about having a broken hip and came back to the facility with 18 staples and surgery for a broken hip.  
The facility has had three complaint revisits from the IDIA and has passed both without further citations, according to the IDIA Web site.
“We’ve gotten things cleaned up,” Rhoads said. “It just took time.”

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Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Mar 14, 2014 04:38

by Bob Livington 


In the 14 months since the State of Massachusetts and Boston Children’s Hospital kidnapped Justina Pelletier “for her own good,” her health has deteriorated to where she is now confined to a wheelchair. Justina has been subjected to psychiatric torture, imprisoned in a psychiatric ward, denied medications prescribed by her longtime physician, force-medicated by strange doctors and prevented from contact with her parents for more than one hour per week. Her parents have been charged with child abuse, gagged by the courts, financially drained and emotionally destroyed.

Isn’t life grand in “free” USA for those who run afoul of the medical-industrial complex?

I first told you about Justina’s plight in November. Then-15-year-old Justina — who suffers from mitochondrial disease — was under the care of a well-regarded physician and genetic specialist at Tufts Medical Center named Mark Korson, M.D. In addition to 27 years’ experience in the practice of medical genetics, clinical genetics, pediatric medical genetics and pediatric medicine, Korson is board certified in clinical biochemical genetics. Those are credentials even the medical mafia usually respects.

Despite dealing with her genetic abnormality, Justina lived a fairly normal life with her parents in West Hartford, Conn. That changed in February 2013 when Justina developed flu-like symptoms and her parents took her to Boston Children’s hospital for treatment.

There, doctors seeing her for the first time determined that she was suffering from a mental disorder, not mitochondrial disease, and her symptoms were psychosomatic. Without consulting her longtime physician, doctors at Boston Childrens created a new treatment plan for her. When her parents, Linda and Lou Pelletier, declined to sign off on it and took steps to remove their daughter from the hospital, hospital officials contacted the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families and accused the Pelletiers of child abuse for subjecting their daughter to invasive medical treatments and denying her mental health therapy.

The State goon squad then grabbed her from her parents, ushered them out the door and began 14 months of torture for Justina and her parents.

Two weeks ago, the Pelletiers received a little relief. A judge ordered Justina transferred to a non-medical living facility. But that facility refused to take her, fearing the media attention her case has received.

Contempt charges against Lou for violating a court gag order by speaking to the media were dropped. The judge also ordered that Korson, Justina’s original doctor, be part of the medical team caring for her.

But the Pelletiers still faces child abuse charges. They still can see her only once per week for one hour, the visits are supervised and the facility is a two-hour drive each way from their home. They can’t take photographs of their own daughter.

Just over a year ago, while Justina was under her parents’ and Korson’s care, she was a happy teenager who enjoyed going to school and visiting friends and was performing jumps and spirals at a skating show.

Under the 14-month long “protection” of Massachusetts DCF, Justina’s health has declined; she has been sequestered from her parents and friends, denied an education, tortured and declared a mental patient.

“I feel like a prisoner,” Justina told the Rev. Pat Mahoney, who accompanied the Pelletiers on a recent visit. That’s because she is, and she has been for 14 months.

“This is a victory, but the battle is long from being over,” Lou Pelletier, a financial planner with four daughters told ABC News. “The [Department of Children and Families] is still in charge, Justina is still in a psychiatric residential facility and the child abuse charges have not gone away.”

And it’s the parents who have been charged with child abuse?

Don’t view Justina’s case as an isolated one. In fact, the medical mafia is increasingly kidnapping children from their parents in disputes over medical care. Expect it to increase exponentially under Obamacare. When the state ultimately controls the diagnosis and treatment of disorders, medical tyranny will increase and submission to the prescribed protocols will be mandatory under threat of imprisonment — or worse.

Remember; there is little more devastating and more dangerous than a government program designed “for your own good.”

Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Mar 04, 2014 16:13

The arrogance of arbitrary power is not confined to the federal government. An egregious case in Massachusetts involves a teenage girl from Connecticut named Justina Pelletier, who was being treated for a rare disease by doctors at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.
When her parents brought this 15-year-old girl to an emergency room in Boston, the doctors there decided that her problem was not medical but psychological. When the parents objected, and sought to take her back to the doctors who had been treating her at Tufts University, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families charged the parents with "medical child abuse," and were granted legal custody of the teenager.
Once given arbitrary power over Justina, the DCF bureaucrats kept her all but isolated from her parents for more than a year. To add insult to injury, a judge issued a gag order, forbidding the parents from discussing the case publicly.
Only after Megyn Kelly on the Fox News Channel brought this case to national attention did the Massachusetts bureaucrats back off and turn the teenager's medical care back to the doctors at Tufts University. Whether her parents will get to see their daughter freely again is still up in the air.
Arbitrary power is ugly and vicious, regardless of what pious rhetoric goes with it. Freedom is not free. You have to fight for it or lose it. But is our generation up to fighting for it?

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