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Annual dog paddle to be held Sunday

By David Hotle | Aug 25, 2017
Pixie, right, asks PAWS and More kennel technician Alex Kodatt nicely to go to the annual Dog Paddle at the Steele Family Aquatic Center Sunday afternoon. The event will allow dogs to swim in the city pool just prior to the pool being drained for the year.


With school being back in session, the days becoming longer and the weather turning cooler, it is becoming obvious that autumn is on its way, but not before there is one more traditional event to close the summer months.

On Sunday, before the outdoor pool at the Steele Family Aquatic Center will be drained for the year, man’s best friend will get the chance to take a dip. The pool will be open for dogs to take a swim from 1 to 4 p.m. as part of the annual PAWS and More dog paddle. Proceeds from the event will go to benefit the shelter.

“The last day the pool is open we invite people to bring their dogs to the big swim,” Alex Kodatt, kennel technician at PAWS and More, said. ”We bring some of the shelter dogs down as well.”

For safety reasons, only spayed and neutered dogs are allowed at the event. Attendees must also bring proof of rabies vaccinations. Humans are also not allowed in the pool. Kodatt said microchipping services would not be held at the pool, but would be available at PAWS and More that day for a special price. Attendees also will have the chance to renew their dog park memberships. To keep costs low this year, the shelter has skippedthe special towels, T-shirts and food that they have had in previous years.

A zero entry pool, fenced green area, dock diving space, tennis balls, and a D.J. will all be featured at the event.

Kodatt also said the event will bring community members together and give them a chance to meet other pet owners.

Pixie, Kodatt’s designated animal, a pit bull with a wide smile and calm demeanor, is excited to be part of the dog paddle. Kodatt said.

“We are still evaluating some of our dogs, but we are hoping to take almost all of them to the paddle,” she said. “We have about 11 dogs right now.”

She said even if some of the dogs can’t swim, they plan to take all the dogs down to let them run and play.

Money from the event will be used for the daily care of the animals at the shelter, including medications and the daily operations of the shelter.

“They should bring their animals to this because it is a really fun event we host,” Kodatt said. “It’s really good to get together as a community and to have your dog there. it is really good to get to meet new people and other dog owners. Its really good to get involved with the shelter and find out more about us. I really like how the community comes together and we can just all have fun for the day.”

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