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Area gets over two inches

By David Hotle | Jan 21, 2014
The City of Washington reports that about 2.3 inches of snow fell overnight. City crews had the streets plowed by 9 a.m. today and were finishing alleys at noon today. The crews will also be repairing three water main breaks found during the plowing.

About 2.3 inches of snow fell on Washington over Monday night according to the Washington Waste Water Treatment Plant, which reports snowfall for the area to the National Weather Service.
Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said there had been three water main breaks as the colder weather moved into the area. City construction superintendent J.J. Bell said that the main breaks are small enough that they don’t present an imminent threat of a large water spill or causing residences to experience lowered water pressure. The breaks are located at Circle Drive, Eighth Avenue and 15th Street.
“We discovered those while we were plowing,” he said. “I think we will get one of those today and the other two tomorrow.”
He said primary plowing was finished in Washington at about 9 a.m. today. Crews came in at 5 a.m. to begin running the city’s six plow trucks over the 300 miles of streets (the amount of roads in Washington plowed twice). At about noon, the crews were just finishing up some of the alleys in town.
Bell said the snow that fell overnight was of the light, fluffy variety, which made it easy to remove. Crews had not known how much snow to expect, so the decision was made to simply begin this morning.
With the number of days that have had snow and below-zero temperatures, Bell said the city’s amounts of supplies for dealing with the weather are still in good shape. He said at the start of winter, the city had 250 tons of salt and has only used about 100 tons so far this winter.
“I think we will be all right,” he said. “Still, I think we only used 100 tons last winter.”
According to the National Weather Service, wind chill advisories have been issued for the area. Light snow may fall tonight, but little or no additional accumulations are projected. Through the rest of the week, gusty northwest winds associated with an arctic cold front will combine for very cold temperatures. Wind chills Wednesday night through Thursday may drop to minus 20 to minus 30.
Washington County Engineer Jacob Thorius said that snow removal on the county paved roads is going well. He said that the county’s eight trucks have been working on the county roads since 6 p.m. Monday. He said the crews would cover about 340 lane miles.
“We did not get much snow, but it was icy and glazed on,” Thorius said. “There was mist and rain, and it got cold really fast.”
He also said the county’s salt supplies are holding up. He said the county’s salt shed contains about 250 tons of salt, enough for two to three years. When Thorius checked last, the shed was half full. He said another shipment is coming in this week to restock the salt supply.

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