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At-large council candidates offer their views on city

Oct 13, 2017


Moore: I want to be an advocate for the people

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Elaine Moore said that since her job has moved into Washington, she hopes to become more active in the community, which led to the decisions to seek the at-large seat on the Washington City Council for the coming term.

She said that during the past 20 years she has worked out of town. Now that her job is in Washington, she said it is the time for her to work with the community. She also said she feels she can help make a difference. Moore also said this is the first time she has worked with city government, but she is a member of Kiwanis A. M.ers and will be president next year. She is also a member the Washington County Enrichment Foundation and with the Washington Athletic Boosters. She is also a Sunday school teacher.

“I want to be an advocate for the people of Washington,” she said. ”I feel I have no trouble speaking in public and if I can help educate service groups with what is going onwitht he city council WI would be more than willing to speak with people. I hope I can be an advocate and an open ear for the people of Washington.”

Moore was raised in Iowa City. She has lived in Washington for 39 years. She works as a personal banker at Hills Bank and Trust in Washington. In the past she has worked as an operations officer for the bank, but accepted a “step back” to be able to work in Washington and be more a part of the community.

She said that she has no “hidden agenda” and has no desire to change the way the city council is run. She said that she hopes to learn and possibly put some information she has heard in the community to what the city council is doing with the budget. She stressed she is there to work with the city and do her best.

In working with the other council members and with constituents, she said there are all kinds of differing opinions. She said that just because someone’s opinion doesn’t match hers is no reason she shouldm’t consider what they have to say. She welcomes all opinions and input, saying her job is to listen to everybody and make the right decisions based on what the people want. She said she is running to serve the people and has to vote the way the people want.

Moore said all issues that come in front of the council are important. She hopes to examine every items that comes up carefully, declining to name any one items as being important in the coming term.

She stressed the importance of economic development, saying Washington needs to grow or at least sustain itself. She said the council needs to work to draw families and employment to town. As Moore goes into working with the council, she plans to learn more about how to advocate for the city.

“I’m a longtime Washingtonian and I love this community,” Moore said. “I’ve raised my kids here. I could choose to move away but I don’t. This is where I will spend the rest of my life and I want to share that with everyone. We need to ensure we are making Washington a viable community in the future and I intend to help do that.”


Richardson: It’s the right time to get involved

Evie Richardson said she hopes to become part of the push among Washington citizens to help revialize and grow Washington, which moved her decision to seek the at-large council member’s seat on the Washington City Council.

Richardson said she has been attending council meetings for several months to better understand how the city works. She said that she had thought about running for office several times, but the time had never seemed to be right. She said that she likes the current council and believes the members work together well. She said they all bring a commitment to Washington. She reported every time she had addressed the council, the members had asked questions and whether or not they took action, she felt as if they had listened.

“That is the kind of council member I want to be,” she said. “I think they have set a good example.”

Raised in Keokuk and Washington counties, Richardson graduated from Mid-Prairie High School. She has lived in Washington for 34 years, raising two children in town. She works for the Washington Community School District.

Richarson remembers when she was able to do all her shopping around the Washington square. She stresses Washington could have ended up worse, like many other cities did, when business districts declined. She said the council has worked hard to keep fiscal balance while dealing with aging infrastructure, loss of manufacturing and a changing population.

“I want to be part of what the city council does and what they have done for Washington,” she said. “I don’t have any big changes in mind or anything people would call an agenda. I just think that recent city councils have done a good job watching out for Washington and I am ready to be part of that.”

If elected, she hopes to continue with strong fiscal accountability.

“We just can’t run in the red again,” she said. “That is not the way to do things and it doesn’t feel good to anybody.”

She also hopes to promote Washington as a famnily friendly community and to continue to improve infrastructure. She also hopes to work on quality of life issues in the city and to collaborate with county and state entities to ensure the best use of resources.

Richardson also hopes to reach out and attract more businesses to Washington. She said the council works hard on that.

Richardson said one of the things she has valued the most in dealing with the council is the idea that she was listened to. As a council member, she said one of her top priorities would be to listen to constituents. She hopes to make sure, whether an issue can be implemented, to make sure any input is given consideration.

“I like where the council - not just this one but the ones in the recent past - are going with Washington,” she said. “I think it is the right time to get involved and continue with that.”


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