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At the library

By Mimi Ritti Jacoby | Aug 21, 2017

Today the library held a last “hurrah” to summer with an eclipse celebration. Now the focus of both parents and students is back-to-school anticipation and excitement. For the first time student, “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn, addresses that initial separation anxiety. Chester the raccoon has a loving mother who designates one of his paws his kissing hand. He will carry her presence with him the entire day at school, with the kiss she places on that hand. Chester spends his first day at school feeling reassured, loved and confident. Audrey Penn has also written “Big Bad Bully,” in which the same mother helps Chester to understand and overcome the big badger bully.

For the elementary school readers, Harry Allard’s “Miss Nelson’s Missing” and “Miss Nelson’s Back,” Daniel Kirk’s “Bus Stop Bus Go,” and “Word After Word After Word,” by Patricia Machlachlan make for interesting and entertaining reading.

For older readers, the library offers “Mentors, Masters and Mrs. MacGregor” by Jane Bluestein. These are stories of teachers who have made a difference. “The Brimstone Journals,” a series of interconnected poems by high school students on escalating violence is edited by Ronald Koertge. In “Last Minute Financing,” David Cassidy advises that it is never too late to plan for the future. There is also the High School ROTC Guide “How The Military Will Help You Pay For College.”

For parents who are homeschoolers, checkout Rebecca Rupp’s “Home Learning Year By Year.”

In farewell to summer but gathering strength for the year ahead, read the book or listen to the audiobook “A Gift From The Sea,” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, for a simple but profound look at life’s questions and the answers we might find.


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