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At the Library

By By Mimi Ritti Jacoby | Apr 30, 2018

This year we are not leaping playfully into a warm, balmy, sunny May, with a profusion of pale rainbow colored, fragrant spring flowers. Unfortunately, we find ourselves, huddled in our raincoats, backing into the foggy wet wind and peering doubtfully into the future, May. Keep quilting by the fire a little longer. We have new books on quilting and piecing that will jump start you into spring and summer.

“Old House Colors” or “Decorative Painting Made Easy,” have many unique decorating hues to start your color wheel turning on some indoor projects. “Early American Home Plans,” “The Cottage Home,” “The Cabin,” “The Not So Big House,” all of these would be helpful in establishing a bones bare plan, that allows for meeting the family’s basic needs and allowing a fluid traffic flow. Downsizing is now at the forefront of many couples’ agenda. These books prove very helpful. Mother Miriam’s downsizing wisdom is also well advised. “If you haven’t used it in a year, either give it away or throw it away.” It works for me. It keeps the clutter down in my home.

Looking ahead, on Friday evening May 4, Sticks & Strings will meet at the Library at 7 p.m. On Saturday morning May 5, there will be an Adult Poetry Slam from 11 a.m. unitl 1 p.m. On Tuesday, May 8, Books & Brown Bags will meet from Noon till 1 p.m. Come and enjoy our beautiful, warm library. We have cozy, comfy reading chairs, children’s stories and movies, book clubs, lunch-hour-read-aloud, concerts, art and discussion groups. Life is in full swing on the Washington Square. Come to the Washington Public Library!


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