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New students get to know their new buildings

Back to School

By David Hotle | Aug 21, 2013
Sierra Stout, daughter of Lisa Waters and Jerry Stout, teacher Jesika McLaughlin, and Hanna Witbeck, daughter of Evie Richard, work on their schedules on the first day back to school from summer break.

On her first day of high school, on the first day back from summer break, Brittany Lomameck, daughter of Summer Pohrens, found herself lost trying to get to her first class — science.
As a freshman, she turned to sophomore Alexis Read, daughter of Christie Read, for help. Unfortunately, Read was trying to find her reading class. With the comment from Read that she felt as if she were on a wild goose chase, they stopped in the library to get some help from director Joan Hippen. It turned out both had been sent to the wrong classrooms, as their first and second hour classes had been reversed.
“It’s scary,” Lomameck said. “I don’t know where anything is.”
Even though finding her way around may be difficult at first, Lomameck said that she is excited about the new year. Read said that her goal this year is not to fail a class or be sent to the office.
“I’m going to see all my friends and see all the upperclassmen I know,” Read said. 
Senior Nathan Ross, son of Andy and Sarah Ross, also said the beginning of the new school ear was scary, but for a different reason. He said that he is surprised that his K-12 education is almost over. While he plans on going to Iowa State University after high school, he said that he still has some goals to accomplish — not the least of which is playing on the football team this year.
At Washington Middle School, Principal Curt Mayer said that the start of the school year this year was better than last year’s. Last year, the middle school moved into the school district’s 1918 building while the high school moved into the new building.
“We had schedules for everyone on the first day and they are off and rolling,” he said.
Mayer complimented the work of the custodial staff in preparing the building for the school year, saying the classrooms looked great. This year, he said, the teachers will work on essential learnings and each teacher is working on his or her own Web sites. There will also be a study on the 1:1 program for the middle school.
In a classroom, Sierra Stout, daughter of Lisa Waters and Jerry Stout, and Hanna Witbeck, daughter of Evie Richard, worked with teacher Jesika McLaughlin to complete their class schedule for the first semester. Both sixth-graders, Stout and Witbeck spent the first day getting to know the building.
“It was scary at first,” Stout said. “Our lockers are on the third floor and most of our classes are on the first and second.”
Witbeck also said that they didn’t know the teachers yet. She said her locker is a mess, because she threw her books into the locker in a hurry as she was trying to make it to class before the bell.
As she moves up to the middle school, Witbeck said that during her middle school career, she wants to participate in track and volleyball. She also plans to continue playing saxophone in band through her high school years.

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