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Biking around the world

Zd’ansky sees America one mile at a time
By David Hotle | Jul 28, 2014
Jan Zd’ansky, a citizen of Prague in the former Czech Republic, visited Washington today as part of his biking trip from San Fransisco to New York. He said that he had also biked across Europe and Asia, and even to Japan.

Coming about a year after his six-month trek from Europe to Japan, Czech traveler Jan Zd’ansky pedaled his bike into the City of Washington this morning as part of his Sea to Shining Sea tour of the United States.
After spending the night camping at Clemmons Creek (which he referred to as “a really small lake in the forest”), Zd’ansky decided to see the City before continuing his journey, which will take him to Muscatine by this evening. At mid-morning, Zd’ansky relaxed at a table at a local café and enjoyed a cup of coffee and fresh scones before continuing his journey. A traveling companion declined to be interviewed.
“I like traveling,” Zd’ansky said. “I cycled from Europe to Japan last year and now I can finish my around-the-world trip by traveling just for fun.”
He said that he has been traveling in the United States for two months, beginning in San Francisco, with the destination of New York sometime next month. From there, he will fly to Dublin and continue on his bicycle to his home in Prague.
He said that he loves riding a bicycle. He said that it is great for traveling. During the journey, he said, the pair camp some of the time while other times they are able to stay at someone’s house along the path.
“It is great to meet with people,” he said. “Bicycle is best because everyone knows how difficult it is and I can meet people and they can talk to me wherever I am. I travel real slowly and I can see everything – nature, animals and weather. It is really perfect for traveling.”
Sitting at the outside table, Zd’ansky had set out several of his electronic devices (cell phone, iPod and computer) which were attached to solar energy collectors. He said that he needs a lot of electricity for his devices.
He said that since his tour of the United States began, he has been most impressed with national parks. He said that he had visited Yosemite National Park in California. He had also seen the Grand Canyon. Zd’ansky also said that the people he has met all during his travels have been friendly and welcoming.
“Amazing people in America,” he said. “Everybody is so very friendly and everybody can help us. It is really great.”
He said that he has a blog of his travels at < www.zdana.cz >and a Facebook page to chronicle his journey.

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