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Bird Seed & Feeders on Sale Now. How Tweet It Is!

By Ace-N-More | Mar 05, 2017
Tweet your feathered friends with a Feeder and Seed from Ace-N-More!



It's for the Birds!

Bird Baths, Waters

and DeIcers.

Seeds from Assorted Flavors Suet,

 Wild Bird Food, SongBird etc.

  to Various Feeders,

Including the Squirrel Proof.

Great Low Prices on Bird Supplies.




Let the birds know that you want their business. Cold will increase their calorie requirements, right at the moment that food becomes harder to get. Insects stop flying and wiggling. Snow covers seeds. Ice seals away tree buds, wild fruits, and the insects .  Stop in at Ace-N-More to get a great new Bird Feeder and a selection of Bird Seed and Suet.  Get them in the habit of stopping by your place frequently for a meal or snack.  Make sure your feeders are easily seen from your windows to get the most enjoyment from the beautiful little creatures.

One of the best ways to get the birds into your yard is to provide unfrozen water, replenished daily. Sometimes water is harder to come by in winter than food. You can get a heating element that soaks in your bird bath and turns on whenever the water begins to freeze. We stock them here at Ace-N-More.  We also offer a nice concrete bird bath (in stock) as well as several poly options.



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Washington Iowa

Ph. (319)653-6700


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