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Board prepares for Ainsworth schoo lequipment disposal

By Xiomara Levsen | Jul 13, 2017


RIVERSIDE — Highland interim superintendent Dr. Mike Jorgensen reviewed the board policy regarding disposal of obsolete equipment at the board meeting Monday evening.

“Once again, according to policy we need to provide patrons the opportunity to come in and buy most of the stuff, which is obsolete for the most part,” Jorgensen said. “I don’t know if you just have a garage sale or something along that line, but once again we would need to post in the media when we’re going to do that and just have people come through.”

Anything the district would continue to use was already moved, he added.

“Is this stuff in the Ainsworth building or is it from storage in Riverside?” board member Nate Robinson asked.

“It’s from the Ainsworth building,” Jorgensen replied.

Board member Rachel Longbine asked Jorgensen if he looked at some of the stuff in storage in Riverside.

Jorgensen said most of the stuff in storage in Riverside was old desks, and he asked maintenance to contact a salvage company, about what they could get for salvaging them.

“Once again, anything that’s still functional that might possibly be used we’re going to keep but pretty much we’re talking about stuff that’s shot,” Jorgensen added.

Board member Mike Golden asked if there were still a lot of items in the Ainsworth building.

“Desks, tables and chairs,” Highland transportation director George Schultz said. “There’s not a whole lot of stuff.”

Some of the Promethean boards were still in the classrooms, which Schultz said they would remove possibly. Some glass display cases would also be taken to the middle and high school.

“Are you thinking stuff that’s in there yet, put a price on it and have people come in?” board president Kevin Engel asked.

Jorgensen said this would be up for the board to decide.

“Once again I have not been over to look at the stuff to see what it is,” he added.

There are some nice tables from the kindergarten rooms available and fold-down tables, Schultz said. He suggested to the board the items be placed in the gym for people to view and make offers on.

“Let’s try and get something out of it,” Schultz added.

Highland Elementary principal Jane O’ Leary asked if the rest of the district staff knew about the items being available because she knew of some middle-school teachers who wanted kindergarten tables.

“To my knowledge everything they have wanted is up there,” Schultz replied.

Jorgensen said the principals could contact the staff one last time to make sure everything they wanted from the Ainsworth building is taken advantage of.

“Another question I have is how far are we stripping down the building?” board member Lois Schneider asked. “I got a question about the phone system.”

Schultz said the equipment for the phone system would be removed from there.

Jorgensen said he would get with Schultz in the next couple of days to go look at the items remaining in the Ainsworth building.

“I agree with George, if we can get something out of it we should try,” Robinson said. “On the other hand the goal is to get rid of it, so there’s a fine line in there. You know?”

Board member Mike Golden said if the school district accrues labor costs getting the sale set up, he isn’t sure they should do it.

“I would donate my time for that and to do that,” Schultz said.

Golden then said he thought the public should get the first option to buy the items.

“And I don’t know if anyone is going to want anything,” Schultz said. “The auction house won’t take any of the items because they have no luck selling that stuff.”

Longbine asked if the picnic tables and shed at the school would be moved. O’Leary said some of the picnic tables could go to Riverside and some would go to the pavilion by the football field.

“What about the playground equipment?” Schneider asked.

“Oh, it’s got to stay,” Schultz said.

The board approved a motion to have a sale of obsolete equipment in the Ainsworth building publicly, unanimously. A list of the available items will be available in the district office or on the school district’s website.

Business manager and school board secretary Sue Rich asked if they had a date they wanted to start accepting bids for the equipment or for when the list should be published on the website.

“We’ll have it done prior to the next board meeting,” Jorgensen said.

A notice of the sale would be sent to the local media, he added.

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