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Board receives a snapshot of ‘plus one’ day at elementary school

By Brooks Taylor, GTNS News Service | Feb 19, 2013

WAYLAND — WACO School Board members were given a glimpse Monday night of what the “plus one” day will look like next year (2013-14 school year) at the Crawfordsville Elementary School.

Curriculum for Fridays, or the plus day in the four-day-a-week school year, will be divided into seven sections — Legos, living active, young scientists, drama, Iowa history, cultural studies and technology.

Some of the parameters and course study in each area includes:

Legos — early simple machines and structures with Legos, grades K-1; story starter with Legos, grades 2-6; and robotics with Legos, grades 3-4.

Living active — ready, set go (learning how to stay fit and health), grades K-2; 100-percent active fun (learning archery, air hockey, bowling, table tennis and more), grades 3-6.

Young scientists — simple machines, grades K-2; simple, slimy, sticky but cool experiments (using scientific process skills like observing, predicting, investigating and collecting data while trying to explain the results of simple, slimy and sticky experiments), grades K-2; It’s hip to be a mad, mad scientist (exploring the basic laws of physics including motion, force, energy and more), grades 3-6; Space: The final frontier (study of the sun, moon and planets), grades 3-6.

Drama — Mother Goose and friends (learning the basics of theater and how a production is created), grades K-2; The WACO Comedy Club (discovering the fun of improvisation, the art of thinking and acting without the foggiest idea of what will come next), grades 3-6.

Iowa history — Iowa, the home of champions: John Wayne, Ashton Kutcher, the Butter Cow and others (exploring Iowa through books, hands-on activities and technology), grades 3-6; Iowa treasure hunt (authors, musicians and artists of Iowa will guide the way as students discover the hidden treasures in Iowa history), grades 2-3; traveling along the underground railroad (learning about the history of how slaves moved from place to place and the secret codes they used in order to communicate information), grades 4-6.

Cultural studies — around the world (learning about the customs, language, art and food of six foreign countries), grades K-2; around the world (study of ancient Egypt and the secrets of the Nile), grades 3-6.

Technology — tablets for kids (beginning computer applications geared specifically to young readers), grades K-2; Google for kids (study of Google Docs, web design, blogging, etc.), grades 3-6.

Elementary instructor Tina Whalen, vice chair of the district’s 4 + 1 school week committee, said one or two more courses may be added to the curriculum. She said course descriptions will be given to parents at parent-teacher conferences this spring and the school will have a trial run of the “plus one” day activities this spring. The activities will be done in the classrooms.

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