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Bowling camp coming to Washington

By Bill Gatchel | Aug 08, 2017
Photo by: File photo Dawsen Schluetter lines up the ball toward the pins.

It’s something new that offers a chance at a lifelong skill.

A bowling camp is coming to Washington later this month that will offer just that chance.

“We’re putting something together toward the end of August to help promote the sport,” Washington boys bowling coach Chad Zear says.

“It’s like any other sport, you get the kids involved, the parents are going to follow along.”

The purpose of the camp is to build the sport of bowling, Zear says.

“We want to get more recognition and let them know there is something else out there for kids and adults that they can enjoy.

“Bowling is a lifelong sport. You can bowl for a long time. We have several ladies and gentlemen who have been bowling for 65 to 70 years.”

The camp will include many aspects of bowling.

“We’ll start out with the holding [of the ball] as well as the approach, then teach them how to hit the marks and where to throw the ball.

“Everybody is different in how they move the ball. We’re going to teach them that there are different ways in doing that as well as the mental side of the game.

“We’re going to work on a little bit all of it, but it’s going to be hard to cram in everything.”

Having bowling equipment isn’t required to attend.

“Alley balls and shoes will be available,” Zear says. “They won’t be ideal, but it will give someone an idea, especially if they’ve never tried it before, of what it takes to do. There’s still a lot of people that don’t throw the ball for a hook or things like that. Some of those balls will work fine for them.

“But if someone has their own shoes and ball, we encourage them to bring that.

“It’s like golf, you will be more comfortable in your own equipment; things that fit you. That is very important with bowling.

“The nice thing is once you get your equipment, you have it for quite some time. It’s not like you have to upgrade all the time.”

There will be some extra help for the younger attendees.

“Maybe those that are 6 and 7, we’ll keep the bumpers up, that way they don’t get quite as discouraged. That can play into it. But a lot of it will be that if you get a gutter ball, you get one.

“We’ll figure out why and move from there. It’s a little bit easier to figure out what someone is actually doing when you don’t have the bumpers up.”

There is no cost for the tournament, Zear says.

“The camp will take place at Lebowski’s, here in Washington, and is free of charge. And it’s not just for Washington students. It’s open to any and all youth from kindergarten through 12th grade.”

The camp will take place for kindergarten through fifth grade Monday, Aug. 21, and those in sixth through 12th grades will participate Monday, Aug. 28. The camp will run from 7 to 8:30 p.m. both weeks.

To find out more, contact Chad Zear at 319-461-3037 or the Lebowski’s Bowling Alley in Washington.

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