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Brighton Bear Cub Club tests what sinks or swims

Mar 17, 2014
Photo by: Washington County Extension Volunteer Janet Farrier adds water to the test site as Trevor Roberts, son of Ron Roberts, cuts the initial 8-inch x 8-inch aluminum foil boat. His assistant, Chandler Wentz, son of Albert and Stacey Wentz, prepares the pennies.

The Brighton Bear Cub Club gathered Wednesday after school for a fun mix of science experiments. The main objective of the day was to learn why objects sink or swim. Youth made predictions and conducted tests on objects of all sizes, shapes, weights, and colors.

The youth worked in partners to design their own aluminum foil boats and were challenged to see which boat could float the most pennies. The winning boat by Taylor Northup and Mikayla Wentz was able to float 207 pennies. Several boats were made, tested, and redesigned. Each group reported on their boats and the holding capacity.

The Bear Cubs will meet next on March 26 at Brighton City Hall . For more information contact the Washington County Extension Office at 319-653-4811.


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