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Brighton needs to look at how they treat people

By Gene and Larry | Oct 24, 2012

October 16, 2012

Brighton, Iowa


To the Editor:

We have never known a town that was so stuck-up and greedy that they couldn’t help out someone who was in bad need. I think that the town of Brighton needs to stop and look back at how they treat people and small businesses. Not just the town but the people also. They want small businesses to come in, but they will not take the time to help when it is needed. Just because we weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths, they think we are not good enough to help — while others who got a broken arm in a demo derby race received help. But when a business burns to the ground they turn their backs and say, “So sorry about what happened” and let it go at that. We have managed to rebuild the building “out of pocket,” but we still need help with getting the concrete and tools needed to reopen. We have several of our customers who want to know if we have opened yet. And we have to tell them no, because it is taking a long time to rebuild a business from the ground up. If this letter seems a little bit bitter, that’s because it is. We have always gone out of our way to help others, but when we needed it those same people that we helped out turn their backs and say that they can’t help. We understand that times are hard all over, and we are not asking for a large amount of money to rebuild — just whatever a person or business can safely afford will help and will be greatly appreciated.



Gene and Larry

Brighton Tire

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