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Brock announces re-election bid

By David Hotle | Mar 26, 2014
Larry Brock

On March 18, incumbent Washington County attorney Larry Brock filed the paperwork in the Washington County auditor’s office to seek the Republican nomination for a second term in office.
In a press release regarding his candidacy, Brock said that he has worked hard to make the Washington County Attorney’s Office one that seeks to impose justice based on the principles of fairness, responsiveness and was willing to work cooperatively for the betterment of all residents of Washington County. He cited the handling of numerous criminal matters ranging from simple misdemeanors to first-degree murder. He also said that during the past three years that he has served as the county attorney, he has successfully prosecuted felony level cases of dependent adult abuse, murder, sexual abuse and armed robbery. The release said that Brock has worked cooperatively with all Washington County law enforcement officers to ensure more criminal behavior is being addressed than ever before.
In addition to working as a prosecutor, the release said Brock has assisted various county departments as needed, including the Washington County Board of Supervisors. He has also worked with local school districts to address the issue of truancy.
Brock has worked to raise revenues and reduce spending to benefit Washington County taxpayers, the release said. Under Iowa law, a county attorney can, but is not required, to pursue the collection of overdue fines. When collected, 40 percent of the fines go to the county’s general fund. Additionally, after a certain amount in fines is collected (in Washington County’s case it is $50,000) an additional 12 percent of the collected fines go to the county attorney’s office. The release says that when Brock came into office, he found collection of overdue fines “in a very passive manner.” The release said Brock immediately recognized the collection program could be a significant source of revenue for Washington County and instructed workers in the attorney’s office to actively contact people who had overdue fines. The workers were to call or send letters to people owing fines and inform them of their obligation to pay and to help set up payment plans.
Since Brock has been in office, the collection efforts have brought in over $174,000 to the county’s general fund and over $30,000 to the Washington County Attorney’s office.
Additionally, Brock has cut expenses in the county attorney’s office. In the year before he was elected, the release said, the office spent $508,845. During his first year in office, the amount spent dropped by $91,647. In fiscal year 2012, the office spent $456,435 and in fiscal year 2013, the office spent $476,060.  With the amount added to the increased revenue, Brock’s direction has benefited Washington County taxpayers by over $280,000 during his three years in office, the release said.

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