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Brock, Dunbar could get 5 percent raises

The new board of supervisors will determine increases
By Linda Wenger | Dec 12, 2012
Members of the Washington County Compensation Board enjoy a few informal moments around the table before beginning their meeting Tuesday night. Pictured from left are Mike Van Osdol, Larry Christenson, Rob Stout, recording secretary Beth Evanovich, Paul Horak and Larry DeLong. In the background is county supervisor Steve Davis.

Washington County Compensation Board will recommend salary increases for all of the county’s elected officials for fiscal year 2013-14. The board decided the county sheriff and county attorney should get a 5 percent raise. The auditor, recorder and treasurer would get 4 percent; and the supervisors, 2 percent. The raise will not affect the stipend paid to the board of supervisors’ chairman, which is set at $1,140. The raises were approved by a vote of 3 to 2.
The Compensation Board meets at least once a year to discuss and recommend salary increases for the county elected officials. The elected officials selected a county resident to represent them on the board. Present Tuesday on behalf of the supervisors were Larry DeLong and Rob Stout. Mike Van Osdol represented Sheriff Jerry Dunbar; Paul Horak, county attorney Larry Brock; and Larry Christenson, county recorder Jo Greiner. No one was on hand to represent treasurer Jeff Garrett and county auditor Dan Widmer.
Also present were supervisors Ron Bennett, Steve Davis and Jim Miksch, along with Brock, Dunbar, Garrett and Widmer. Recorder Jo Greiner was absent.
Van Osdol, who was elected board chairman, passed out fiscal year 2013 County Salary Survey results from all 99 Iowa counties. The survey is done by the Iowa State Association of Counties.
The board members discussed the rankings of each of the county’s elected officials. The supervisors receive a salary this year of $34,464. They are the 16th highest paid supervisors in Iowa. The county attorney’s salary is $93,501, which makes this office the 20th highest paid county attorney. The auditor’s salary is $65,320, the 11th highest paid auditor. The recorder’s salary of $60,169 comes in at 14th highest. The sheriff receives a salary of $78,948, with a ranking of 18th. The treasurer’s salary is $61,067, with a ranking of 15th place.
According to the survey, Washington County ranks 28th of 99 in population.
Some of the compensation board members said the average ranking for the elected officers should be 15, in part because of the salaries paid in neighboring counties, such as Johnson County, which ranks fourth in population.
Van Osdol said that Iowa Code recommends the county sheriff’s salary should compare favorably to other professional police officers and state patrol officers. He would like to have seen a larger increase for the sheriff. The Warren County sheriff is ranked 15th with a salary of $81,200.
The county attorney’s salary that ranks 15th is Clinton County’s who receives $98,938.
DeLong said adjustments should be made in order to get the officials on par with officials in other counties. He voted no on the motion that set the raises at 5, 4 and 2 percent, as stated above. Stout also voted no on the recommended raises.
The compensation board will inform the county board of supervisors of its decision. The supervisors have the option to approve the recommendations in full or to decrease the recommendations across the board.
Miksch, whose term of office ends at the end December, said that the decision on the salary recommendations will be up Bennett, Davis and the three newly elected supervisors, Jack Seward, Stan Stoops and Bob Yoder after the first of the new year.
The total of the salaries for the county’s elected officials is $531,325, which makes the county the 10th highest paid out of the 99 counties.

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