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Buchholz proud of her time as a Demon

By Bill Gatchel | Jul 26, 2017
Photo by: File photo Jessie Buchholz kicks the soccer ball back into play from the side of the court.

Life after graduating high school is exciting as you get ready to embark on the next chapter of your life.

While there is uncertainty of what will happen, it’s comforting to look back on the experiences of what you went through as well.

That’s the case for Jessie Buchholz, senior on three different sports teams in Washington.

She was part of the volleyball, soccer and softball teams. She says she will miss playing in the games themselves.

“To be honest, I got most energized for the games,” she says.

“Now that it’s over, it’s kind of hard to figure out what to do with my life. It’s just really slow.

“All those sports kept me doing something and kept me active and I always liked being around the people there, too.”

While she kept busy to do well in the sports world, she also challenged herself to do well in her academic life as well, which paid off, as she was this year’s class valedictorian.

“It was interesting at home,” Buchholz says. “My mom would always tell me every time I got home, ‘you need to do your homework before you do anything else.’

“It was very frustrating because there was a lot of hours of homework do to.

“It got pretty hard sometimes, especially when I had projects to do and there would be a game that night and the project was due the next day. I’d get home at 10 o’clock and then I’d have to start on that.

“It just really wasn’t fun, but the teachers understood that we were busy, so they helped a lot with that, too.”

Does that mean she’s a procrastinator?

“Quite a bit so,” she says with a laugh. “I’m really bad at procrastinating and that’s why I’m worried about college, too.

“I’d like to get home, and the first thing you want to do after you work out or work hard is just relax, and you couldn’t do that if there was a bunch of homework to do.”

While she will miss doing the high school homework, she also will miss playing on the sports teams.

“For soccer, I’m really, really going to miss the team. Obviously, we didn’t have that great of a record, but everybody still wanted to be there and it was still fun playing the sport and I think that’s what’s most important, is enjoying the sport rather than winning.

“The same is true for volleyball, even though it’s my favorite sport. I’m not totally sure why. It just clicked with me, I guess.

“I like the different movements you have to do and it’s also a mind game where you can read the other court. I like that aspect of it.

“The other two seniors and myself have been playing together for a really long time, so that helped a lot, too.

“We just worked together really well. I’ve been playing softball since I was 8. That just kind of stuck with me as a life sport.

“Also, along with the team, I played with them for a really, really long time.

“We just got along well. Through every year we played together we had gotten a lot better.”

She also will miss the coaches.

“Definitely. They are all very, very good and they all got along with the players just like you would want a coach to do.”

As for her future in sports, Buchholz isn’t going to be part of a specific team.

“I’m not doing any school-related sports. I will probably do intramural sports. It’s like tournament play with different levels.

“You can get together with the people on your floor and have some sort of tournament or club teams which are more competitive or the school-related ones where you practice four hours a day.

“I’ll probably start off playing with my floor just to get back in the gist of things, but I do like the tournament team, so I might do that as well, mainly in volleyball.”

Buchholz is going to University of Missouri at Columbia to study in nursing.

“There’s still a lot of stuff I want to try to do. If I can get anywhere into surgery, that will be really fun; maybe surgical nurse, which is easiest to what I’m going into.”

As for coming home after college, it depends.

“I really don’t know,” Buchholz says.

“I’m a homebody, so coming back wouldn’t be bad at all, I’d actually probably love it. But, wherever the job takes me is probably where I’ll go.”

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