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Camera lost in manhole

By David Hotle | May 05, 2014

Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson reported today that damage to the camera being used to investigate Washington sewers is being taken care of with insurance and he hopes to have the camera operational soon.
He said today that since the incident in which the camera head of the remote control camera was lost down a 26-foot deep manhole, the city has been using a “loaner” from the camera company. He said that the incident didn’t even slow down the city’s videoing of the sewer system. He said the incident had occurred about four weeks ago
“We were in a situation where we were televising the sewer down in the south central part of town, and as they were pulling the camera vehicle out, the camera vehicle fell back into the hole and fell to the bottom and the camera had snapped off the vehicle,” Hinson said.
While crews were able to retrieve the camera vehicle, the camera had washed downstream and still has not been recovered. The city has submitted an insurance claim and has received word that this kind of accident is covered. Hinson said that the city is buying a new camera that is identical to the one that was lost.
Hinson said that this is about a $20,000 claim. He said there was $1,400 damage to the camera vehicle and the camera was expensive.
He said that the city had televised the entire southeast interceptor, but there was a portion that went through a farm field that could not be televised at the time. He said the city had gone back and was doing the inspection when the incident happened.
While Hinson said that the loss of the camera was a “freak accident,” the crews are reviewing procedures to see if there is more that can be done to prevent this from happening again.
One of the first things the city did upon getting the loaner camera was to search for the missing camera head. Hinson said that it hadn’t been found. He said that it is possible the camera may turn up at the wastewater treatment plant at some point.

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