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Canine confrontation

By Jim Gorham

October 21, 2015
Washington, Iowa

To the Editor:
Let me start by stating that we were dog owners for 13 years. She lived in an outside kennel and was taught not to bark and disturb others.
Tuesday while walking up to coffee I was suddenly confronted by a large brown pit bull wearing a green collar. As it barked and growled at me, I retreated looking for a porch to escape to for safety. Fortunately, the dog crossed to the south side of West Washington Boulevard and continued on west and turned south onto C Avenue.
I reported the incident to the police immediately. I thought about the article in Monday’s Journal and recalled a child had been nipped in the neck by a pit bull. I think this incident deserved more than a suggestion that people keep their dogs tied up. It appears to me the youngster who was nipped is awfully lucky to be alive.

Thank you,
Jim Gorham