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Carson is king

Sep 25, 2017

Human kindness is overflowing.

Pure, unbridled joy was experienced by many last Thursday night in the Washington High School Auditorium. We came to celebrate Spirit Night and to crown the 2017 Homecoming King and Queen.

Settled snug in our chairs, the lights went down and the curtain up.

We watched as teams filled the stage, cheerleaders “fired us up” and the band played the Demon Fight Song.

Introductions were made by coaches and the seniors were asked to step forward and state their future plans.

We started with the football team, one of the largest teams Washington has had. Down the line they went, passing the microphone. Each senior had a few nervous seconds with the mike.

About two thirds of the way down the microphone passed in front of Carson Thomas into the hands of a young man who authentically cares. Ryan Reighard took the mike with one hand while the other rested on his friend’s shoulder.

In a clear voice, full of pride he introduced Carson to the crowd. He told of Carson’s future plans and then went on to ntroduce himself.

More cheers, more music and more teams filled the stage. The anticipation grew and the curtain fell to prepare for the introduction of the Homecoming Court.

The auditorium grew quiet as the curtain was once again raised and our hosts took to the podium.

Each couple walked slowly to the middle of the stage, stopped as they were being introduced and formed a semicircle behind the seated Queen from 2016 (the 2016 King was not in attendance).

Carson Thomas, a boy who was born with two club feet and who has had countless surgeries, walked out across the stage to the cheers of the crowd. He did this with the biggest grin on his face and his arm holding the hand of his escortee.

We watched as each couple was introduced and the young junior attendees took their places.

Cameras flashed and phones were raised in the hands of those taking videos. Our hosts opened the envelopes and the announcement for Homecoming Queen 2017 was made.

Miss Megan Mitchell was crowned our Queen and donned the long, red velvet robe and jeweled crown. With a bouquet of roses she took her place front and center and we all drew a collective breath as we knew it was time for the king to take his place beside her.

The families of the homecoming court sat patiently in front. Grandparents, Aunt’s and Uncles, siblings and friends.

To the pleasure of the entire audience Carson Thomas was named Washington’s Homecoming King 2017. The official robe was draped around his shoulders with the hem pooling at his feet. The crown was placed atop his head and his eyes were bright with joy.

The sheer happiness from the student section reverberated off the walls. Silent tears of emotion rolled down the cheeks of the many family members and friends who know Carson’s story. The story of his struggles, his spirit and all his many triumphs.

Carson is love. He s a happy young man who has overcome so much. To witness such love coming back to him was the most humbling, inspiring and joyous experience.

There is hope, there is kindness and there is love.

Congratulations to Dave and Kelley Thomas.

Carson, we are blessed to have you in our lives, in our community and in our hearts. You are our King.

May your words be kind, your hearts be full and your blessings abundant.


Submitted by Jessica Waite.

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