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Changes made to gun carry permits

By Xiomara Levsen | Jul 26, 2017


The quarterly report was approved by the supervisors at the meeting Tuesday morning with a lot of discussion on how carry to conceal permits will be issued.

Civil deputy Bill Fiordelise started off by telling the supervisors the sheriff’s department had an increase of $1,400 last quarter due to more wage garnishments coming in.

“How’re the concealed weapons cards going?” board chairman Richard Young asked.

The cards are going well and a lot of people want them, but the state law changed July 1,” Fiordelise said.

“The state will be making cards also,” Fiordelise said.

The Sheriff’s Association is working with the state about to learn when the state will start making the cards, which will complicate things for the 99 different sheriff’s offices that issue the cards, he added.

“What law changed on that?” supervisor Jack Seward Jr. asked. “It completely got by me.”

Fiordelise said when he attended civil school in April he was told there the law would change July 1. However, when it changed the state wasn’t prepared to start making the cards.

“So they didn’t cite you the section of the law [that] changed?” Seward asked, “because I didn’t see that in anything going on.”

Fiordelise said didn’t have the section or the code of the law in front of him but the 99 sheriff’s offices were trying to find out what would changed on the cards, so they’re the same for everyone.

“So it will be a state card?” Young said.

“It will be a state card,” Fiordelise replied. “No additional costs for that state card. The question is, or answer is, how do we get the person’s name to the state, because all the sheriff’s offices that do the cards aren’t exact, so that’s a problem.”

The Sheriff’s Association has formed a committee to work on how this process will take effect and how that will happen, but there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered,

“I really don’t know what’s going to happen,” Fiordelise added. “It could be tomorrow or it could be Christmastime. We just don’t know when it’s going to be.”

Seward said this was interesting. He asked Fiordelise to email him the law or section that changed when he finds out.

Fiordelise said he found something citing House File 517.

“That was the big catch-all, but I did not see that part of the file,” Seward replied.

The quarterly report was approved unanimously by the supervisors.

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