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Churches host World Day of Prayer

Mar 14, 2014
Photo by: David Hotle John Hays

First Baptist Church hosted this year's World Day of Prayer service, with the assistance of members of Immanuel Lutheran Church, St. James Catholic Church, the United Methodist Church, United Presbyterian Church and Washington Mennonite Church.

World Day of Prayer is an international event organized mainly by women in churches near and far. This year's theme was "Streams in the Desert," and Christian women in Egypt organized the service.

Attendees learned about Egypt from four volunteers who spoke words provided by the Egyptian women. Other volunteers brought to life the Bible story of Jesus and a woman at a well in Samaria, which was adapted from John 4:3-42. Jesus told the woman that while everyone who drank the water from the well would become thirsty again, he could give people "water welling up to eternal life."

Following the Bible story, Deb McCreedy offered her personal reflections on streams in the desert.

Then John Hays of Washington spoke about the need for clean water in many African villages. Hays spoke of his work bringing clean water to villages in South Sudan and other African villages. The foundation is literally bringing clean water to people who drink dirty, muddy water from shallow wells that they also share with animals.

Hays said he has taken his chlorine generating systems to 45 countries where people die from drinking contaminated water. He showed a video of a trip he and evangelist Caleb Garraway took to South Sudan recently. He said they entered the country on the same day Americans were asked to leave South Sudan because of a civil war.

About 3 million have received the gift of clean water from Hays, and he hopes to double that number. He also said that anyone uttering Jesus' name could be killed on the spot.

In a brief video about the trip, viewers saw the water thousands drink and that kills so many people. The people in First Baptist Church on March 6 saw for themselves the need for streams in the desert.


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