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City council to meet  next Wednesday

By David Hotle | Jun 30, 2017



In honor of the Independence Day holiday on Tuesday, July 4, the regular Washington City Council meeting, which is regularly scheduled for the first and third Tuesdays of the month, will be held Wednesday, July 5, in the Washington Public Library.

Washington City Clerk Illa Earnest said because city administrator Brent Hinson will be absent from the meeting, the agenda for the meeting will be light. Even though the list of items isn’t very long, two longstanding projects — the water treatment plant and the fire station project — will be included on the agenda.

A public hearing will be held on the plans, specifications, form of contract, and estimated cost of the water plant improvements prior to the council voting on accepting a construction contract for the improvements.

“The city received six bids for the water treatment plant improvements,” Earnest said. “They have already opened the bids and we have gotten some pretty good bids.”

While the estimated cost of the project is $6 million, Earnest said the bids for the project ranged from less than $5 million to just over $5 million. She said Fox Engineering is looking over the bids to ensure the work described in the plans would be met before recommending a construction firm for the work.

The water plant project will completely redo the Washington Water Treatment Plant. The project will convert the treatment from an electrodialysis reversal process to reverse osmosis. It is scheduled to happen over an 18-month period, mostly because the plant will have to keep operating throughout the process. The project includes construction of a new building addition, demolition of the existing pump building, abandonment of the 1992 underground clearwell and pump, addition of a chemical feed or aerator on top of an existing 2015 ground storage reservoir, and reinstallation of the existing high service pumps within the building. The addition will include reverse osmosis treatment skids, a dedicated electrical room, chemical feed rooms, HVAC room, generator and power service combinations, and a new control system.

The council will also consider a resolution approving the award of architectural services contract for the fire station project.

Earnest said the fire station committee had interviewed five architectural firms for the project.

The council had explored possibilities to create more space for city offices — city hall, the police department and the fire department — for at least five years. Originally the council had discussed using the former library, which was recently sold, as a city hall. When new members were seated on the council at the end of 2015, the members rejected the idea in favor of the “campus option,” which will construct a new fire station and renovate the existing municipal building.

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