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City council to vote on lot sale

By David Hotle | Jul 18, 2017



The Washington City Council is expected to vote on a resolution during tonight’s regular meeting that could mark the first sale of a plot of land in the Washington Business Park.

According to an amended agenda that was released Monday evening, the council will vote whether to accept an offer from Kalona Cooperative Technology Company (KCTC)to purchase lot 6 in the park, located southwest of the city’s wastewater treatment plant, at its listed price of $30,000 for the .93 acre lot. The proposal also includes an option to purchase a second lot, but without a building requirement the council had requested.

“In indirect conversation with them today, they have indicated they are fine with an option at $25,000 for the second lot, but would prefer not to have a stipulation requiring a building on that lot in a set period of time,” City administrator Brent Hinson wrote in the council packet for the meeting.

During the July 5 meeting, Washington Economic Development Group director Ed Raber had approached the council to discuss the offer. He said KCTC had requested a one-year option to buy the adjoining lot 5 at a reduced price of $20,000. Lot 5 is listed for $35,000 and includes 1.12 acres. The council had made the counteroffer requiring a building within a year.

Raber said once a client decides to make an offer, the client is referred to a realtor. He said the offer came on June 29. Raber also said the intent is for KCTC to erect a building on lot 6. He said KCTC is also interested in some other ground for future expansion. If both lots are purchased, it would provide slightly over two acres of ground.

“We’re really excited about it and we hope it is the first of a number of lot sales,” Hinson said. “You never know. The business park development was an investment in the future and sometimes that means the immediate future and sometimes it is a little longer term future. It is nice to see a lot sale this early on and we hope there are several more behind it.”

The 30 acre park was completed late last year. The lots were sold by the city to WEDG on contract and are being marketed at the cost of $30,000 per acre.

Each lot comes with water, sewer, and electrical hookups and is considered “shovel ready.”

WEDG, which is marketing the lots in conjunction with an Iowa City realtor, receives a 6 percent commission for lots sold.

The council makes decisions on how the park is sold.

For more information on the industrial park, contact Raber at 653-3942.


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