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City receives annual audit

By David Hotle | Apr 01, 2014

Auditors Gronewold, Bell, Kyhnn & Co. reported in City of Washington’s audit, which was released Tuesday, that the city’s receipts for its governmental funds totaled $6,946,879 for the fiscal year that ended June 30.
The audit reported that the receipts included $3,071,074 in property taxes; $53,895 in other city taxes; $720,777 in local option sales tax; $128,147 in tax increment financing collections; $1,186,036 from intergovernmental sources; $1,761 from use money and property; $62,061 from licenses and permits; $181,176 from charges for services; $26,834 from special assessments; and $1,515,118 in miscellaneous revenue. The city’s receipts for its proprietary funds totaled $5,837,465 of which $3,836,274 was from charges for services and $1,992,682 was from debt proceeds.
Disbursements for its governmental funds totaled $7,559,141. The amount included $1,660,239 for public safety; $1,073,896 for public works; $855,510 for culture and recreation; $264,215 in community and economic development; $764,518 in general government; $1,350,909 for capital projects; and $1,589,854 for debt service. Disbursements of the city’s proprietary funds totaled $4,419,018, which was attributable to its business type activities.
The report contains recommendations to the council and other city officials. The city has responded that corrective action is being taken for each item.
A copy of the audit report is available for review in the office of the Auditor of State and the city administrator’s office.

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