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City to hear 11 acre request

By David Hotle | Jul 25, 2013

The Washington City Council will soon determine if 11 acres of the “school 90” can be used by a local soccer club as a practice soccer field.
Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said today that Sid Ryan, one of the coaches for a local soccer club, had approached the city park board two weeks ago to determine if there was interest in the city allowing the club to use some of the land. While the city has since rented some of the land, it was purchased with the idea that the land would be used in the future for a wellness park.
“They were saying they had kind of an immediate need to locate some kind of soccer field site,” Hinson said. “In order to keep the program going they need some kind of site for them to play on.”
Hinson said the club is currently using plots at Highland Park subdivision, but those areas aren’t regulation soccer fields. About two years ago the council made the decision to allow a portion of the land for soccer. The soccer club would seed the land and build the field. Hinson said this would be a temporary solution until the wellness park is built and the program could continue. He said after the council allowed the use of the land, it didn’t happen. He is unsure of the reason why.
Discussion with the parks committee, Hinson said, included the soccer club possibly purchasing some of the land.
“When you look at it, it would be kind of nice to have a coordinated effort rather than everyone going their own way,” Hinson said.
Hinson also said a problem could arise if the club spent money for land, then didn’t have enough for the other expenses associated with keeping the club going. He also said once the land was purchased, it would probably become a permanent situation.
The soccer club spoke with the park board on Tuesday and agreed the club should use part of the land.
Hinson said the city had kept a strip of land along 18th Street because it had originally been planned to be used for new water tower site. Those plans have changed since the city has begun planning an industrial park to the southwest of town, which will become the site for the tower.

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