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City, Y look forward to new soccer fields

By Xiomara Levsen | Dec 18, 2013
The Washington County Riverboat Foundation awarded grants on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Present for the grant for the soccer fields, from left, are Dave Mitchell, Edie Nebel, Tracy Ousey and Becky Harkema

The soccer fields in Washington will be prepared and open by fall 2014 with the help of a grant.

At the Washington County Riverboat Foundation’s (WCRF) fall 2013 grant presentations, the YMCA of Washington County received $44,683.

“I didn’t know but was very pleased when we were awarded the full amount,” said YMCA of Washington County director Becky Harkema.

The grant money will go toward the preparation for the two soccer fields, she said. Work will begin in spring 2014.

Some of the work will include grading the fields so there is proper water runoff, Harkema said. Also, the soccer fields will need to be marked correctly for the 150 youth who will begin using the fields next fall.

The YMCA of Washington County wrote the grant application, but has kept the city informed the whole time, Harkema said.

Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said the city was happy to hear about the grant.

“Obviously, we are very pleased,” he said. “This has been something in the works for quite a while.”

The soccer fields will be located on the north side of town just off of 18th Street at the future site of the wellness park, Hinson said. This grant will be another step toward the process of having the wellness park completed.

“Throughout this whole process we kept hearing there was no place in town for people to play [soccer at],” Hinson said. “With this grant it will bring the wellness park into interim stage and there will be two complete soccer fields.”

The soccer fields are becoming a reality because of the Brinton Trust, the grant from the WCRF, the land donated from the city, and DeLong Construction doing the field grading work at cost, Hinson said.


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Posted by: Glen Peiffer | Dec 20, 2013 14:45

"Miracle on 34th Street," "White Christmas," and "It's a Wonderful Life" are among my favorite Christmas movies. All three stories revolve around people, connections and miracles.  All three movies speak to us about the possible miracles of Christmas: the miracles that occur when we put others' needs before our own, the miracles that come from the connections we make and the joy we find within our own communities; the miracles that may come true if we simply leave ourselves open to the possibility that miracles exist. So, dear readers, I wish you a merry Christmas; may the miracles you're looking for come true.

Posted by: Robert Dale Zager | Dec 20, 2013 09:53

this  is great cooperation with public  and private  entities...  a  step forward  for the wellness park and soccer in Washington.. Jazager

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