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Class of ‘93 adopts room

Challenge to match made to other classes
By David Hotle | Jul 22, 2013
Class of 1993 alumni, in the front row from left, Carrie Young Ziegelbein, Dawn Howard Krejci, Joni Kurtz Kinnan, and Jennifer Cluney Eckman, and back row, Jeff Cuddeback, Aaron Manfull, Kevin Schultz, and Aaron Six stand in the classroom the at Washington Middle School the Class of ‘93 adopted.

With the Washington School District’s budget for maintenance tight over the next 20 years or so, the alumni Class of 1993 is taking the responsibility to ensure a classroom in Washington Middle School remains in the shape the members remember it in when they took high school journalism in it.
Class of ‘93 member Jeff Cuddeback said that the class members determined, with most of the maintenance funds going to debt service for the new high school, the only way improvements will be done at the middle school is through private fundraising. With the middle school building having served as the high school for the Class of 1993, the 106 alumni members decided to adopt the former journalism room.
“We went to the school board and discussed the possibility of doing an adopt-a-room so we could have graduating classes and private people being able to give money toward that,” assistant principal Aaron Six said. “We’re having some differences in some of the cost estimates because the general contractor that was used for the new addition at the high school gave us some numbers and we haven’t been able to get the same prices when we were trying to abate a room or get some flooring. I don’t know if it because it is on a smaller scale.”
Six said that when the rooms are redone at the middle school, they will be done one at a time. He believes this will increase the cost. He said the costs of classrooms will be about $2,000 to abate the asbestos tiles that are still in many of the building’s classrooms. The tiles would also have to be replaced. He said the goal is to improve the overall look of the building and sealing the windows. He also said some of the classrooms in the building don’t have whiteboards.
The Kiwanis AMers and the Builders Club have already adopted one room at the school, Six said.
Cuddeback said that with Aaron Manfull being the president of the Class of 1993, and with his mother Donna Manfull being the journalism teacher in the district at the time and being named National Journalism Teacher of the Year during her tenure, the class decided to adopt Donna Manfull’s former classroom.
“Hopefully one day we will have a plaque outside her old room with our class on it,” Cuddeback said.
Cuddeback said the goal for the Class of ‘93 is to raise $8,500 to improve the room. If there is any overage, the additional funds will be put toward building an auditorium at the new high school. He hopes the Class of ‘93 can be recognized at both buildings.
Six said the Class of ‘93 is also putting a challenge out to other graduating classes to adopt a room. He said there are many Washington alumni who aren’t living in the area, but still have a vested interest in what happens in the district.
So far, the Class of 1993 is about one-third of the way to reaching its goal. Aaron Manfull said the launch of the program only began last Friday, July 19, during the class reunion. On Saturday, alumni toured the middle school building.
Six said donations can be paid over a three-year period. He said there have been other classes that have discussed ways to support the school.
“One of the things that has surprised me is that it seems to be the out-of-town classmates that seemed to have the strongest feeling of needing to do some things to support the school,” he said.
People or organizations interested in adopting a room, can contact Six or Principal Curt Mayer at 653-5414. Six also said there is contact information on the district’s Web site.

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