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Cold, wind, Mediapolis win soccer match

Apr 17, 2018
Photo by: Photo by Doug Brenneman Abbygail Voss, who is dressed for protection against the wind, dribbles the ball upfield for Washington against the Mediapolis defense as teammate Guadalupe De La Rosa (20) watches.

By Doug Brenneman, JOURNAL Sports

The Mediapolis and Washington high school girls soccer teams braved cold and relentless wind Monday as one of the few area athletic events to play as scheduled.

The sun shone through the clouds a number of times at Washington High School, but not enough to warm the players. The soccer ball did make it past the goal line a number of times as Mediapolis scored its 10th goal with 2 minutes, 39 seconds left to end the match 10-0.

“I am really regretting not canceling this game,” Washington head coach Callyn Mason said. “At the same time, I’m glad we played. The reason I did not cancel was because we have canceled two already. We are just in this weird mix. I’m looking forward to the next three days so we can get some good practices in. We have a lot of stuff there to work on.”

“This was a good game for us,” Mediapolis coach Baret Ertzinger said. “We improved from our first game. We’ve had a game canceled because of the weather so I was glad to play this one. I think once the girls got out there and got to moving around, they got warmed up.”

One time the ball did not make it past the goal line changed the match for the visitors’ advantage.

Mediapolis had that advantage for all but the first 7 minutes, 58 seconds of the match.

Washington had a player receive a red card because the referee ruled she had stopped the ball with her hand from crossing into the goal.

“She was running back and tripped,” Mason said. “I thought by the time she touched the ball, it had already crossed the line but apparently not.”

There is bad patch of dirt in an otherwise grassy area in front of the goal that may have led to the incident.

“When she fell, her arm hooked around the ball,” Mason said. “I am going to look and see what the actual rule is on that. But we got a red card for doing that, so we had to play a person short for the rest of the game.”

If she had touched it after it had crossed the line, it would have been just a yellow card ruling instead of the red card decision.

Washington goalkeeper Olivia Pacha stopped the ensuing penalty shot, but four minutes later, Mediapolis’ Mackenzie Springsteen scored the first of her three first-half goals.

“Kenzie has some great wheels on her, good vision and plays well in space,” Ertzinger said.

Playing against a team with more players on the field eventually took its toll.

“Playing a person short might’ve got into their heads a little bit, but I think it was a combination of the weather and the wind and also just not having had a couple of good consistent practices because of the weather,” Mason said. “It has been a struggle. We have a lot of good things going for us but it just needs to be fine-tuned and adjusted.”

Mediapolis adjusted its offense at halftime and scored before a minute had elapsed in the second half for a 4-0 lead.

“I thought we were more aggressive to the ball and we did a good job with our spacing,” Ertzinger said of how his team scored seven second-half goals.

The Bullettes have won both of their games this season by identical scores, after defeating Wapello in its opener 10-0.

‘I have to keep in mind we have a very young team,” Mason said. “We have a lot of girls who are new and a lot of girls that are young. They have learned a ton up to this point and we have to take it from there.”

After losing by just a goal to Fairfield and 3-1 to Keokuk, both Southeast Conference rivals, Washington is obviously an improved team from last season.

“I think if we continue working hard through the season, we are only going to get better,” Mason said.

The Demons’ next game is Friday against Fort Madison at Fort Madison.

Washington’s record is 0-3. Mediapolis is 2-0.

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