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Annual banquet honors agricultural producers Saturday
By David Hotle | Feb 04, 2013
Washington County Pork Princess Laura Yoder and Pork Queen Lexi Marek greeted guests Saturday evening at the entrance to the annual Washington County Corn, Soybean and Pork Producers Banquet.

RIVERSIDE — Louisa County farmer Wayne Humphreys said during his presentation at the annual Washington County Corn, Soybean and Pork Producers Banquet Saturday that he is one of the few people who has called the power company to tell them that his lights were on.
Humphreys identified the acronym ACES (attitude, communication, enthusiasm, and sincerity) to describe the agricultural community. In a speech filled with anecdotes, humor, and a legitimate love of agriculture, he explained sincerity by telling the story of how the lights had gone off during an ice storm. Within 15 minutes, the power company had restored the power. He recalled the power company manager getting choked up.
“He said, ‘Do you know what some people have been calling me?’” Humphreys recalled. “In 27 years no one had ever called and said the lights were on. Can you imagine? It would be like some little kid taking his pigs to the county fair for 27 years and no one saying ‘nice pig.’”
The comment brought a round of laughter from the hundreds of Washington County agricultural producers who were attending the event at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort. At the end of the speech, Humphreys summed up his comments by explaining the community of agricultural people who were attending the event. He said when the group left later in the evening, no one would go home alone because they were all a part of something bigger.
The hundreds of people sitting at the ornate tables heard updates of the various ag groups. Washington County Pork Queen Lexi Marek gave the invocation. Matt Gent, president of the Washington County Pork Board gave the update. He said the summer pork barbecue was a new event this year. He also said the group had attended the Quad County Pork Fest in Wellman. He complimented the members on helping to raise awareness of the industry.
“We are taking more initiative to educate people about our business,” he said.
United Soybean Board member Larry Marek gave a report on several of the trips he has gone on around the world to promote the soybean industry. He spoke of hunger in Africa and said that adding soy to the staple of rice in the Africans’ diets would increase the protein intake.
“Of the seven countries I have visited since August, this is still the best place there is to live,” he said.
Marc Knupp, president of the Washington County Corn Board gave the corn and soybean report. He also presented the annual scholarship to Austin Knupp.

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