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Connections to Little Brick School sought

Oct 25, 2012

The children of a former student at Richland Township No. 1 country school, known at Little Brick, contacted Dixie Richardson of Richland recently. They are looking for any pictures of the school. Richardson would appreciate any information or copies of pictures. A group is in the process of getting a marker for the school site and compiling any memories, pictures or other information.

The Little Brick School sat on an acre of ground east of Richland at the southwest corner of east half of Richland on 325th Street just east of the northeast quarter of section 26, about  1 1/2 miles east of Richland and just east of the home of Nicholas and Dixie Richardson.

Dixie has some information from her grandmother, Gertrude Hinshaw, from 1888 to 1933. She can be contacted at 32721 325th St., Richland, IA 52585.

On Sept. 25, 1855, a warranty deed for the consideration of $5 was written by William and Phoebe Bristow, owners of the land to School District No. 1, in Richland Township and Keokuk County. The warranty deed was filed Nov. 17, 1855, and conveyed with the stipulation that this one-acre of land was to be kept and used for school purposes. If at any time the district decided to close the school, the land would revert back to Mr. and Mrs. Bristow. The deed was acknowledged by John Wasson, justice of the peace.

A school building was built and school was held there until the end of spring in 1943. When it closed, students attended Richland school. On March 31, 1951, the school district directors decided to set a value of the schoolhouse site with the landowners W.R. "Dick" Gingles and his sister, Julia Gingles Elmore. A sum of $55 was agreed up and the school board passed a resolution approving the amount and authorized the president and secretary to issue and deliver the deed to Gingles and Elmore.

On Sept. 10, 1951, the directors held an auction disposing of the contents.

Dick and Leona Gingles lived in the schoolhouse after a fire destroyed their home just east of the school until a house was moved to the site of their home. After the Gingles moved out of the school, it was dismantled.

Some of the teachers were: H.G. McClure, Mattie Meacham, Sue Meacham, Eva Free, Isa Tracy, Maggie Sheridan, W.C. Farmer, Oriella C. Meacham, L. Carrie Pringle, Ada Bosworth, Franc Worthington Lucy A. Farmer, Mrs. M. Bottorff, Bernadine Hixson, Letha Roberts, Irene Spanier, Mary Robinson, Irma Black and Mrs. Charles Widner.

The names of students include: Dannie Pringle, Freddie Bray, Robbie Kinzer, S. Goodrich, Lorain Goodrich, Miron Walker, Johnny Walker, Arlie Pringle, Frankie Pugh, Floyd Nordyke, Alta Walker, Nettie Pringle, Myrtle Bosworth, Etta Herring, Eva Bales, Hone Emry, Leonard Cox, Loren Hinshaw, Grace Gowey, Julia Ballard, Russell Freet, George Hyzer, John Howard, Charley Starr, Leo Hahn, Georgia Bond, Karl Harken, Lottie Morrow, Harold Bray and Margaret Spanier.

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