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Conservation Board meets for three minutes

By Linda Wenger | Apr 24, 2014

The Washington County Conservation Board met in special session Wednesday afternoon. The meeting lasted three minutes.
After approving the minutes of its April 10 meeting, chairman Craig Capps read a prepared statement pertaining to the mediated settlement agreement the conservation board is negotiating with the Iowa Public Information Board (IPIB) concerning two complaints the IPIB received about the conservation board’s handling of closed sessions held in January and February.
After a closed session on April 10, the conservation board approved the mediated settlement agreement.
The IPIB asked the conservation board to approve a revision, which the conservation board did Wednesday, April 23.
As part of his opening remarks, Capps said, “The effect of this language would be to make any determination by the mutual party as to whether an error on the part of the board constitutes harmless error.”
Also included in Capps’ statement was a reference to Iowa Code Section 23.11.
Iowa Code Section 23.11 states: “A respondent may defend against a proceeding before the board charging a violation of chapter 21 or 22 on the ground that if such a violation occurred it was only harmless error or that clear and convincing evidence demonstrated that grounds existed to justify a court to issue an injunction against disclosure pursuant to section 22.8.”
No conservation board member offered any explanation of the motion they approved unanimously on a voice vote.
After the meeting adjourned, Lyle Moen was asked if he could explain what the approved motion meant in layman’s terms. He declined and said that the terms of the mediated settlement agreement have not been concluded yet.

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