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Council approved housing market analysis

By Trisha Phelps | Oct 07, 2013

WAYLAND – Wayland City Council has decided to participate financially with the Mt. Pleasant Area Development Commission (MPADC) and have a housing market analysis done to determine the housing need in the area.
Kiley Miller of the MPADC came to last Wednesday’s council meeting to ask the council to financially contribute to a housing market analysis, done by Maxfield Research Inc. from Minneapolis, Minn.
The analysis would look into the different parts of the housing market and detail which types of housing – senior housing quantity and demand for general-age restricted housing, potential target markets, potential unmet target niches, appropriate housing mix, appropriate development concept, potential for public/private partnership, housing programs and resources and barriers for development.
The proposed cost to do the analysis for all of Henry County is $18,400 and the four larger towns in Henry County — Mt. Pleasant, Winfield, New London and now Wayland — have agreed to contribute. Each city council has agreed to pay $3,200 and the MPADC will contribute $2,400. Henry County Board of Supervisors has also agreed to participate, contributing another $3,200 to finance the project.
Miller informed the board that there are several jobs available in the area, which would possibly mean more people coming to the county in search of housing.
“Let’s go out and capture these people that would commute. The realtors basically said, ‘Well we can’t help you, there aren’t enough houses for sale.’ And that astonished me,” Miller said.
Before any building is done, Miller advised that the housing market analysis be done so that the county would more accurately know what kinds of housing are needed.
“If we do this, will it come back as a countywide thing, or will it say ‘Winfield needs this kind of housing and Wayland needs this other kind?’” asked council member Greg Rich.
“It will come back divided into quadrants,” responded Miller. “It is a report in quadrants. The county will be marked in quadrants and Wayland is kind of in it’s own little area.”
“We maybe do need duplexes for senior housing,” said Mayor Brad Roth. “We have got some and they don’t stay vacant very long.”
The council voted unanimously to support the project financially and learn what they can about the housing needs in the area.
According to Miller, the analysis would take approximately 90 days to complete. No timeline for the survey has been publicly announced. Miller also noted that should houses need to be built, he expected local contractors would be the most likely candidates to do the building in order to keep money in the local economy.
The council also:
• Heard a presentation given by the local snowmobile club, requesting a designated snowmobile route.
• Approved a cigarette permit application for Wayland BP/Cobb Oil.
• Approved a class C beer permit for Wayland BP/Cobb Oil.
• Discussed a tax abatement application for a home at the 300 block of West Second Street.
The next council meeting will be on Oct. 16 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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