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Council approves pay increases

By David Hotle | May 28, 2014

During a special session Tuesday evening, the Washington City Council approved a 10 percent pay increase for Washington City Clerk Illa Earnest and a three percent raise for city administrator Brent Hinson.
Talks on Earnest’s salary began with the discussion of a 3 or 4 percent increase, when council member Bob Shepherd noticed on a worksheet that Earnest was not making the average amount for a city clerk working in Iowa. Previously, council member Bob Shellmyer had mentioned a 10 percent pay increase and Shepherd decided that was the amount to request.
While there were concerns that other city employees would wonder why Earnest should get that high of a raise, Shepherd said that this was a one-time deal to bring Earnest’s pay up to the point that it should be. The council unanimously approved it.
Council member Mark Kendall moved to give Hinson a 3 percent pay increase. Shellmyer asked to make a friendly amendment to make the increase 2.5 percent.
“I don’t want to lose someone of his caliber over half of a percent,” Kendall said.
The council also unanimously approved the raise.

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