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Council approves strategic priorities

By David Hotle | Jan 03, 2014

After discussing a proposed list of 19 strategic priorities for the City of Washington during a meeting on Dec. 18, the Washington City Council approved the list of priorities during its first meeting of the new year Thursday evening.
City administrator Brent Hinson said that the priorities were set out during the previous meeting and a copy had been provided prior to Thursday’s meeting. Goals included continuing to build public trust, continuing many programs, and continuing to work to implement the recommendations of the Housing Improvement Task Force.
“There are 19 things here we want to get done in the near future,” council member Bob Shellmyer said. ‘That is going to be forever getting all of that done.”
He questioned whether the council wanted to make three to five goals and focus on them before moving on to other projects.
Hinson said the city is currently working on many of the priorities and just has to continue on the track it is going.
Council member Bob Shepherd also said that the goals should have been prioritized. Hinson said the goals were numbered last year, but after consideration, decided not to number them based on importance.
Shellmyer also wondered why examining the Washington sanitary sewers for blockages, as the council promised the community it would do, was not a priority on the list. Hinson said that the city was already examining the sewer pipes and the list was more for newer items.  
In other business, the council:
• approved the appointment of city attorney Kevin Olson;
• approved the re-appointment of city clerk Illa Earnest;
• affirmed the mayoral appointments of Washington Fire Department chief and driver Tom Wide; first assistant chief Craig Rembold; second assistant chief Jim Williams, and secretary treasurer Tom Beauchamp;
• set a public hearing for the code of ordinances for the Jan. 15 meeting;
• approved a resolution amending the personnel policy regarding electronic communication;
• approved a resolution adopting a computer use policy for elected officials; and
• discussed moving city council meetings from Wednesdays to Tuesdays.

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