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Council takes no action on city attorney

By Xiomara Levsen | Aug 21, 2013
Photo by: Xiomara Levsen Riverside city attorney Leslie Lamping listens to comments from the city council about several items, such as easements needed to have ditch work done on Highway 22. Lamping was supposed to have a written report done for the city by July 31, but the report wasn’t submitted. Lamping will be back on the agenda for the next city council meeting on Sept. 3 for a review on his job performance.

RIVERSIDE— “In conclusion, I would say that it’s my responsibility for projects not being done in the time frame as scheduled by the council,” said Riverside city attorney Leslie Lamping to the city council on Monday, Aug. 19. “I’ll throw myself under the bus. I’m not going to throw anybody else under the bus.”
At the Aug. 5 city council meeting the council requested city deputy clerk Lory Young to have Lamping on the agenda. Possible action on Lamping’s position could have been taken, but none was.
Lamping came to the meeting Monday night and gave the council updates on several items. He began with the stormwater easements. He asked for clarification about whether or not the easements would be for surface drainage, underground drainage, or both. Mike Hart from Hart Fredricks Consultants said the easements would be for both.
Lamping told the council what he had found out from the county engineer about Boise Street. He said it hasn’t been vacated yet. Lamping asked if the city wanted to annex just the street and Boise Court or annex the three adjoining properties.
“Well, Les, I think in the original e-mail that came to you was Bruce’s [Platterer] intent to annex into the city,” councilor Bob Schneider Jr. said. “I think that is why we were going to try to annex that in from the county, so the original e-mail had both the property and the street in it.”
Lamping went on to discuss the subdivision ordinances the city wanted him to look into. Lamping said he received paperwork from the city but he had several questions he needed answered. Lamping told the council he sent a report to the council with notes and his questions on it.
“I just got that Monday,” Rogerson said.
Schneider questioned the notes Lamping had on the report. He said there were stars and highlights but no explanations to what they were about. Schneider said it also referred to the previous city clerk.
“This was supposed to be a completed document,” Schneider said. “It wasn’t completed.”
Hart said he thought this was a copy of his subdivision ordinance draft he had given the city years ago after being asked what plans he would have in place for the subdivisions. He said on his draft he asked if the city wanted to implement the plan he proposed and it hadn’t been discussed yet.
“Mike, but the council referred it on to the city attorney to review the probate and it was not,” Rogerson said.
Hart said he thought planning and zoning usually reviewed the subdivision ordinance. Rogerson asked when Hart sent his proposed ordinances to the city and Lamping. Hart didn’t give an exact date but said it was in 2012.
“Weren’t you the chairmen of the P & Z, Mr. Lamping?” Rogerson asked.
Lamping said he was. He said he wasn’t disputing anything. He told the council and Rogerson to go ahead and make comments about his job performance.
“I think your actions speak loudly,” Rogerson said.
Rogerson brought up Lamping again at the end of the city council meeting. He wanted to know if the council wanted Lamping for the Sept. 3 agenda.
“I am confused,” Rogerson said. “You set a deadline. He didn’t meet it. He didn’t do anything, so just tell me if you want it on the agenda again or not.”
“I’m asking you to have it put back on the agenda,” Schneider said.
Mayor Bill Poch said if it’s going to be on the agenda again, Rogerson should contact Lamping and let him know why he’s to come back.   
“I’m just saying remind him again, whatever,” Poch said. “If he’s going to be on the agenda for his job performance, then he should be given the choice to have a closed session.”
“He had those options tonight,” Rogerson said.
Other items covered at the city council meeting were:
the bill to fix the eagle on the memorial at Veterans Park. The city found out it was hit by lightning and it was not covered by insurance. The eagle and stone were removed due to cracks in the stone and the possibility of the eagle falling off of the memorial. Now the city has a bill for about $36,000 for the repairs and found it would not be covered under insurance;
approved the pay estimate for lift station No. 3 for $47,179;
and approving a motion to combine four water drainage improvements and six water main replacements into one project. The bidding will begin in November.
The next city council meeting will be held on Sept. 3 at 6:30 p.m.

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