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County moves to upgrade 911 communications cente

Sep 06, 2017
The county plans to apply for a grant to replace all of Washington County’s 911 equipment and build a new communications center. Melanie Huschka and Lydia Powers sit at the controls in this photo.

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


During the supervisors meeting Tuesday morning, a letter of intent and a letter of engagement were approved in the next step toward upgrading the communications center equipment and building.

The letter of intent is to notify the Washington County Riverboat Foundation the county plans to apply for a grant to replace all of Washington County’s 911 equipment and build a new communications center, according to the read file for the supervisor’s meeting.

The letter of intent was approved unanimously by the supervisors.

The letter of engagement approved by the supervisors was with Northland Securities.

“What this will do is allow us to start an RFP (request for proposal) project,” board chairman Richard Young said. “It shows that we are serious about this project and that we are going to get the funding for it and bonding at a later date, but this way we can start getting RFPs of what the project is going to actually cost us.”

Washington County auditor Dan Widmer said the letter firms up using Northland Securities to help with the project.

“And that will be in preparation for us to do a civil bond?” supervisor Jack Seward Jr. asked Widmer.

“Correct,” Widmer replied.

Supervisor Abe Miller asked if the letter of intent was making sure the company writing the RFP gets paid.

“No,” Young replied. “When we do the RFP, the radio companies that are going to bid — this shows that we have financing for the project.”

There were no other questions about the letter of intent. The supervisors approved it unanimously.

A resolution approving a minor plat for Spence subdivision near Wellman was also discussed by the supervisors. The resolution was previously tabled in August because of concerns of building another residence so close to a hog confinement on the property west of the proposed subdivision. After correspondence with the Department of Natural Resources through the Washington County Environmental Health Department, and since there was a residence on the property already close to the hog confinement, Seward said he didn’t see it hindering the hog confinement operations.

“The questions in my mind have been satisfied and we’ll move forward with the minor subdivision,” Seward said.

Miller asked what were the conditions for disapproving the minor plat.

Seward said in the state law it said building a residence in a flood plain, and there weren’t any other conditions that applied to this situation.

“What about the situation — they put a new house in there, can they file nuisance complaints against the existing building owners?” supervisor Bob Yoder asked.

That would be a civil matter and not for the county government to get involved with, Seward replied.

The resolution was approved 4 to 1. Yoder was the only dissenting vote.

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