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County sets public hearing

By Xiomara Levsen | Aug 30, 2017


The supervisors scheduled a public hearing and approved a minor subdivision application at the meeting Tuesday morning.

The public hearing being scheduled is in regard to release an easement the county has on land in Keota.

Washington County attorney John Gish said this was for the Kewash trailhead in Keota.

“The city of Keota has been working with Farmer’s Co-Op Association to basically transfer property, so the trailhead is rerouted instead of going directly between two ag businesses,” Gish said. “It’s going to go south.”

The work for the new trailhead site is already in place, he added.

“I will note that the purchase agreement itself has already been approved by the city, signed by Farmers Co-Op, and I spoke with Steve Anderson, director of the conservation board, and the conservation approved its end too, since they manage the trailhead,” Gish said.

Gish presented a resolution to the supervisors to set the public hearing date. He said during the public hearing is when they would discuss the actual purchase agreement.

The public hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 5, in the supervisors chambers.

A public hearing was held regarding the minor subdivision application for Cedar Bay Second township.

Washington County subdivision coordinator Kelly McDougall said the subdivision would be located at 1184 Vine Avenue in Riverside. The owners, Ron and Theresa Sexton, currently use the land residentially and would continue to do so.

Supervisor Jack Seward Jr. said he saw there was a resolution from the Riverside City Council waiving their right to review the request. He asked McDougall if the property was in the city’s limits.

“It’s outside,” McDougall answered. “When it’s within 2 miles it can either go to the city’s jurisdiction or ours, and they waived, so it became ours.”

Supervisor Bob Yoder said he noticed there was a building on the lot. He asked McDougall if there was another building on the lot.

“No, they’re just separating this out from the rest of the real estate,” McDougall said, “so we’re including the existing house and barn and keeping it away from the rest of the real estate.”

The supervisors approved the subdivision request unaminously.

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